Monday, August 30, 2004

Lovely day!

Woke up and went to church as usual. Everything's normal. Just like every other week. Or so it seems. A friend [L] was exceptionally in a very good jovial mood. Something we don't use to see him in though. He smiled and waved with enthusiasm at me. Did he just do that? Must be in an extremely gooooooooooood mood. Today's worship was exuberant. Sermon was encouraging. Overall, service was great. 2nd Sunday without dad. Still kinda weird but getting used to it.

Drove bout 5:30am and it's really fun!! Never drove alone that early but had no choice. So there I was driving that early in the day. You'd feel like you own the road or something. Really peaceful. Whole journey was smooooooth. Just a few cars on the road but I don't know...I just find it thrilling and exciting!!!

Today's the last week for 2 of my friends. They'll be flying back to Canada and UK for their studies. Sigh I'm so gonna miss them. Went out for lunch and movie with them. Was supposed to watch alien versus predators. Tics were sold out so ended up watching that Jennifer Garner movie, 13 goin on 30. While waiting for the friend whom we didn't tell him the change of movie, [L] in fact we (mostly [D's] idea) did that on purpose (just to see his reaction), we were infront of the poster of the movie we were goin to watch. A couple of guys [D&R] were debating on who was the hotter chick...Jennifer Garner or Jennifer Love Hewitt. [R] was defending Jennifer Garner and this was what he said "Jennifer Garner's better. She's sweet. Look at her can see it clearly when she smiles." Wahahaha...he said nipples alright. We couldn't help ourselves but burst into laughter. Nipples on cheeks? That's a scary thought!!

Came home and took a short nap. Went out again with mum. It's been a long day...I'm tired and sleepy yet refuse to sleep. I want to catch the closing ceremony LIVE!!! But it's bout an hour plus later not sure if I'll be able to stay awake...hopefully I do though. Maybe I'll just take a short nap...but I know if I do...I'll never wake up til the next day. But oh well...I'll try...some...h....o....w........z......ZZZ....z...z.......z......z.....Z......

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