Friday, August 27, 2004


Was woken up by the sound of my handphone when I was peacefully having my lovely sleep. Went to bed only after the women's volleyball semifinals which was rather late. Was hoping to sleep in but rang and I just couldn't sleep anymore. Why?? Cos the call was from Ms. Pei Boon (not sure if spelling's rite though) informing me of a duty I have to fulfil. Something us scholarshop students must give in to. The occasion --> INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! Duty --> M-A-R-C-H-I-N-G!!!! Representing sedaya of course. Grrr...something I'm definitely not looking fwd to what more that rehearsal is at 6am...SIX in the MORNING!!! That means I'll have to wake up at 5am? and leave at 5:30am? It's been the time I only go to bed ever since olympics begun!! Wonder if everyone will be on time. But as we all malaysians know that the malaysian universal time is always 30 mins later. But I'll be on time alright...unless I never end up reaching sedaya.

After hearing such news, I was just to disturbed to fall asleep again. When instead of just letting it bother me I went out with mum and aunt today. Yups we went to midvalley. Was looking for some things in particular. I think we walked the whole midvalley TWICE!! Legs are aching right now. Wonder what it'll become after tmr's rehearsal. Oh well despite the call this morning...there were some good things that happened. MOst of you who have known me would know how ppl would mistaken my age. People either relate me as mum's sister...either that setting my age wayy ahead where I am. Imagine...when I was only 15...ppl thought I was 18. When 17...ppl thought I was 20-22. And...being 19 now (in a few months more though) ppl still can't tell my age. Some girl working part-time for samsung who looks like my age...came running towards me wanting to hand me a balloon. A bawoon...for me?? Aawww... then my aunt started teasing me. Telling me what a baby face I have. Sure a not? Saw those pimples and scars anot?? Do I really look younger? Of have I not grown older since I've been ahead all the time? Wahaha

Some unknown guy came whispering into my ears during dinner. Asking if the seat was taken. I was only with mum...and table was was crowded. The whispering was just kinda freaky. Gave me a shock!!

GUess I wont be able to stay up to catch any of the games. Almost 11 now. Should really get to bed now. Don't wanna be sleeping while driving tmr!!

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