Saturday, August 14, 2004

mixed emotions

Currently feeling extremely HAPPY and RELIEVED now that finals are over. I feel like I'm almost FLOATING in the air. Actually feeling more of an absence of something. It's like that sudden urge to study if not covered by guilt or something...which is weirdly still there and only to realize there is no need for that anymore...not at this time...IT'S OVERRR! It's all about FUN and nothing but FUN! Time to be hysterically insane (temporary basis) c/8)

Right after my final paper, chemistry, which was the toughest among the 3 papers I had...went home, packed my clothes and stuffs then filled in a form...applying for broadband for the cheras home. Had some hillarious time cracking our brains which were almost gone (extracted fully during exams) for a suitable ID name. We certainly did came up with some weird stuffs. After agreeing on that, I went to the kedai telekom nearby to terminate my former line and apply for streamyx. The guy in charged of line termination was simply weird. At first it was the normal usual question of why we wanna terminate the line and all. Then it slowly came about what course I was doing...and so I answered foodscience. Foodscience?? I guess he thought FooTscience because he was wondering what I'd be...a doctor/specialist/surgeon?? So explanation was done...and then mum said "pemakanan" and right away he showed his understanding of fooDscience. "Oh foodscience ya?" So what I thought was true...He thought I said footscience...but FOOTscience??? No wonder he looked at me weirdly wondering why on earth am I studying about foot. Then he started promoting UPM, where he last studied engineering course. Asking why I didn't do my degree in a local U. Then somehow suddenly he started talking about him having chinese friends. Being xtremely close with chinese (he's malay). He was even almost married to one...a singaporean whom he married when he furthered his studies in Japan. Seems that he was the telekom scholar and he was bonded for 6 years. And so he continued his story about him and that girl and all. At this time mum was already looking at her watch. I guess he was really bored. Can't blame him though. Graduate with a degree in engineering but doing marketing now and placed in a local kedai telekom in taman maluri to be incharged of terminating phone lines. Just find what happened today a lil unusual...meeting this guy...Haha!! c/8)

At the same time...this would be my last crucial moments with dad before he leaves to US. Yups...he'll be leaving this monday, 11.15pm flight to LA and then to Dallas, Texas. So definitely feeling sad and heavy-hearted having to see dad off. I guess I'll be flooding the airport this monday. *Boo-hoo-hoo*
I still can't believe that dad's already leaving. Guess this would leave another absence at home.

Went out to do a lil last minute shopping with parents. Dad went to the handphone shop for a while to settle some stuffs while mum was somewhere in the clothes section and me in the shoes section. So we were all seperated. So off I went scrolling and looking at some shoes then slowly moving towards the clothes section. Was taking a good look at something that caught my eye when suddenly I got a shock of my life. A hand covered my eyes. My hands auto-response was to try remove those hands from my eyes to see who. I was seriously freaking out at that moment. Too shocked not to even be agressive or scream or try to run away. I was just stunned. Just slowly waiting for whoever that was to uncover my eyes. Then I heard a familiar voice. Daddy?? DADDY!!!!!! It's DADDY!!! But I should have guessed it was someone I know or rather knows me to play such tricks on me. I could still exactly remember that shocking moment when that happen...cos I wasn't expecting anything like that at all obviously. Guess I should really practice to make my heart bolder. If there's even such a thing. A simple slight'd be able to freak me out. I wonder why...talking about scaring me...reminds me of the times my bro would hide and wait at one corner and come roaring out all of a sudden when I walk by him just to scare me. Funny I should be immune to that since he used to do that alot to me when I was younger. Seems it's just making me more afraid instead.

Watching the opening ceremony of the olympics. Splendid and awesome. Now's the boring part...where the nations march in one by one. Was watching with dad...but he's sleepiness invaded he's excitement to continue watching the opening. Now I kinda am sleepy as well. Might just stop here for now. Gnitez gmorningz...*poofs* *reaches lala land*


Ale said...

Yeah my dearie. I totally get what you mean. I feel the 'absence' of something, too. Really bothered about it. Sheesh.

I felt the 'other absence' you're feeling, too. The dad one. I felt like crying when I read your post and I'll DEFINITELY miss your dad and his antics when he leaves today. Can't believe it but I'm actually missing my uncle. *sniff sniff*

*Gives my lil dear here a GREAT BIG HUG*
You take care kay? Luv ya!

eunice said...

gee, THANKS!!! appreciate it loads
*hangs on to Ale...not wanting to let go*