Monday, August 16, 2004

look at the time's 4am now and I'm still wide awake. Or perhaps I refuse to sleep knowing that when I wake up, time's more limited and dad's goin off sooner then. Sigh...I guess it'll have to sink in that dad won't be here for 8 months. EIGHT whole months!!!! I'm gonna miss him like mad!! Everything here will be so different.

No crazy fun times where we at times just become hysterical, no more jokes, no more teasing, no more...him for this whole 8 months!!! Having to be away on weekdays and only seeing him on weekends is already hard not at all?? ...

Was shopping with parents again on saturday...this time we went to 1U...Bought some more stuffs for dad. He does really look good in sweatshirts. Somehow he just looked...good. Maybe cos I never did see him in any of those kind before. Well, there isn't a need for him to anywayz! Not in Malaysia. So then we were just walking and walking around till we reached a shop. Then dad said something like that was Jireh's fav shop. notices and remembers! Usually whenever we go shopping dad will either go to the com sec or like the bookshop or something and not follow into every single shop we enter...but he notices that and remembers. And so I put some words and configured them into a lil ques (wondering how dad remembers). Then he said that although he never follows us into each shop each time we go shopping...he sitll notices. Don't think he's not observing. He even told me which shop I always like to go to. Amazing...despite the fact that I go into most shops. Really gonna be missing him loads when he's gone...

*diverts thoughts*

-lil boys drinking from a straw -- CUTE! don't believe? Try observing!!
-great big cuddly beary
-walking into an organic shop -- finding diapers?? are those made out of organic cotton plants? does it actually make a difference?
-small soft cuddly beary

oh wahh...look at the time is 9 o'clock in fee-jee. I better be getting some rest...sleep......nitez peeps.

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