Friday, August 27, 2004


It's like an annual MUST-HAPPEN kinda thing that only happens to USJ 6. Of all the many USJs...why 6?? WHY?? Why not 3? or 5? or 9? or 15? or 21? or any number for that matter...but it had to be SIX!!!! WHY??? Grrrrr...How I'd know it's only in USJ 6?? For the past years...when dad has always been around...whenever it *poofs* all of a sudden...we'll get into the car and drive around seeing which area affected. And it's no where else but HERE!! Haha...k better stop whinning...Thank God it came back 30 mins later this time and not like hours later.

Some good news today. Bro got his TA post. YEAY for him!! Thank God!! Dad's all well and pretty much settled. Mum's opting for early retirement and might be off earlier to be with dad. As for me...I'll have my first trip overseas together with YONGMAY!!! Just so excited I feel like packing my bags and leaving now.

Fav aunt came up today from Batu Pahat. On the way she stopped by Muar...bought a whole lot of brains...yummy brains (funny how direct translation can be) flavoured. MmmmMmmm...Y-U-M-M-Y!!! The surprise --> 100 pieces. Woa, that's a LOT having only 3 ppl in the house. Haven't been eating them for such a loooonng time I think I had a total of 25 pieces today. Not all at once though. Come to think of it...100 pieces might not be THAT much after all haha...i've eaten a quarter now!!

Oh yea...just received a letter from the STAR informing me about the ceremony of the scholarship award.
-->Date: 7h September 2004.
-->Time: 1.30pm. (weird timing)
-->Venue: Eastin hotel (just next to their convinient)
-->Dresscode: Dark blazer (yikes...need to get one if not borrow)
-->Attendance necessary I supposed to be excited? I'm not totally keen on goin. Not sure why though...Not that I don't appreciate. I AM THANKFUL in fact truly grateful I've got this award. Just...oh well...guess I don't have a choice anyway.

Mosquitoes are really annoying me. Can't stand it anymore. Need to run to nice cooling room. *poofs*

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