Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Started my first class of the day in the early early morning. Lectures has begun!! Sigh I'm still in the holiday mood. Wished that holidays wouldn't have to ome to an end. But oh's over! Can't do anything to change that!

UniChem 1 class was at 8 this morning. There were many familiar faces...mostly all my previous classmates and a bunch of newbies. Dr Chan, being hardworking as always begin lectures. It's funny that we took UniChem 2 last sem and taking UniChem 1 now. Basically we're learning about atoms today -- what we've been learning in highschool and even in our pre-U courses. Then my next class was Java Programing 1. This was kinda interesting. I've never learnt anything related to that it's kinda interesting. At least something new...different!! The leturer's kinda funny though. He speaks rather slowly and with funny pronuntiations. Before goin into friends were hoping the lecturer would be somewhat cute BUT obviously nothing of that was true.

Classes are over but i'm still in college. Why? Cos I miss being here HAhahAHahahAHAaha....NOT!!!! Just waiting for my cuzzie...Nopes she didn't ask me to wait for her...I wanted to!!! Oohh she came back...she's here de haha...ciao ciao ciao... adios


Ale said...

Hahaha.. THen... WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE??? Hehe.. OOhh.. You waiting for me to offline is it??? Kay Kay...i Go now.... 8)

eunice said...

yea ah..why was I still there eh? Haha...