Friday, September 03, 2004


Today's an exceptionally wacky day. First there was an hour of chem class. Nothing unusual bout that. The same ol' boring lectures. Anywayz... it all began when Ale and I decided to head to leisure mall for lunch. Seems like a long time since we step our foot into that building. I remember we used to go there so often but since there's no segar campus anymore...we hardly went there. So...since we haven't been there...there's a whole lot of changes. Well mostly being under construction and all. It just feels kinda weird being there again.

So we went to secret recipe wanting to eat the shepherd's pie. Somehow when we wanna eat that they either don't have it or have just today. So we ordered the one and only shepherd's pie left and lasagne. Service was kinda horrible. We had to ask for the bill like THREE times before it actually came. Actually maybe it's just that guy waiter lah. Asked him twice..and it never came. Wonder why...did he not get me?? Then we wanted some ice-cream. Was looking for the some particular one sells it? Why?? Some exits were closed...we were practically walking up and down and back up and down again and again till finally we ended up at the right place to exit. It was kinda funny though...getting lost in such a small place?

Haven't gone out with cuzzie for lunch for a very long time already. So obviously it was fun!

Mum just told me the tics are booked!! Just waiting for them to send the itinerary. YEAY I'm so looking fwd to Dec! *jumps up and down* I wanna flyyyyyyyyyyy now! But then...I should probably jump into bed now. Gotta wake up early tmr. Going to make my visa...Yeay YEay YEAy YEAY!!!!! to zzZZZZzzz now!


Ale said...

True true true!! Everything was so funny lah! Aiyo that terrible waiter. Wear specs not enough uh? Cannot see us meh? Or either he didn't DIG his ear! HAhaha. Maybe his brain sot-sot lah. Aiyo, whatever it was.. he was horrible! Hahaha *8)
And yahh.. so sad rite sesat like that! Maybe our brains didn't function properly so we couldn't decide properly. AT LEAST we've learnt our lesson, right? Hehe =)


p/s: Great to know your tics are ready.. *psst* reme,ber a HUGE LUGGAGE BAG TO FIT ME IN KAY??? *shhHHH*

Anonymous said...

Haha...yea..the waiter need help. serious HELP! chocolate milk cones anymore!!!

I've got one ready already. Come and see if it's comfortable enough kayz? =)

Ale said...

KIEZ! 8)