Friday, September 10, 2004

It's a beautiful day!

For some reasons....that song "it's a beautiful day" by U2 if i'm not mistaken is in my head. Sigh I hate it at times when a certain song just keeps playing over and over again in your mind. Especially if it's a song that simply annoys for some unexplainable reasons. That being said...I'm actually not annoyed at all by that song...just don't know what made it *popped* in my mind. Probably because it simply IS a BEAUTIFUL DAY??

Let's see how my day begun. Had no class today. Wanted to sleep in a lil later but mum called early in the morning and that woke me up. Since I'm already awake...thought of rushing for the mcDonald's breakfast with Ale. BUT we reached there bout 10 mins after 11am of which the mcDs breakfast is just over. WHY? Why didn't I make it in time?? Well first...I didn't know there was a morning market near the place I parked my car (somewhere in the lanes of the housing area nearby the condo). Who could have thought they'd actually make a market out of it? I had no IDEA. I've moved in with my cuzzie not too long ago and have only started driving recently. So I wasn't aware of the MARKET AT ALL! Poor lil car was squashed in between vans and lorries.

Came down the back gate and saw huge umbrellas around the lanes of which ppl use to park their cars like all the time. Oh Noooooo...what to do now?? There was no way out unless the ppl there would actually like keep all their goods and all into their lorries and moved a lil so I could reverse out. In my mind I was telling myself NOWAY they're gonna do that!! Who would wanna go through such trouble just to let one miserable pathetic person who left her car there in the first place!! BUT surprisingly all I had to do was just ask politely. The ppl there were seriously VERY KIND I feel as though I OWE them BIG TIME for being such helpful and understanding ppl. Not only did they packed their stuffs and moved their vans and lorries...they helped me reverse out of the place smoothly! Goodness they're such NICE n KIND ppl. I feel so awful I had to trouble them. May God bless them for their kind deeds!

So that's how we missed the breakfast. Sorry Ale!! Next week kayz?? Hehe.

Attended CF today. It's only been my second time since my classes were clashed during the last sem. Started of with prayer and some praise and worship. And since it was the first meeting for the was a "WELCOME" day where I believed everyone had fun with the games and fellowship with one another. It's surprising to see some hyper hysterical people around that makes the "weirdness" atmostphere driven away by laughter. All in all...I enjoyed myself.

Haven't seen mum for like a week. Wonder how she is having to stay alone now that dad's in US. Sigh I miss mum and dad...and my dearest BROTHER!!!!


Ale said...

Answer : Kayzzz!

It's a beautiful day...It's a beautiful day...
It's a beautiful day...It's a beautiful day...
It's a beautiful day...It's a beautiful day...
It's a beautiful day...It's a beautiful day...

Sunny day...Sunny day... Sunny dayyyyyy..
Hahahaha...Fun or not?
Aiyo.. Funny lah you! Ahh! And I just realised, you said "POPED". HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH
You become 'pope' de ah?

eunice said...

Yea..blessed are yee who is able to spot the silly grammars I maketh hahaha!!!