Monday, September 06, 2004


I never knew taking care of kids CAN be so much fun. Especially after having to be with my mischievious hyperactive but still adorable lil cuzzies in penang for one whole week. They'll MAKE you play with them 24/7. And the things they make you do can be totally physically challenging. Well maybe a lil exxagerated...They make u jump about together with them...or even make u become the victim of him (the monster). Ale can testify to this as well=)But sometimes it can be really funny and cute when all u have to do is sit back and relax and enjoy the show (his very own rendition of a hand puppet show...where the hand IS the puppet). Kids and their wild imagination. Sigh talking bout this makes me miss my lil cuzzies a whole lot although they can be really cheeky. Jie I wan milo milk...Jie come play with me lah...Who want to play with me take up their hand...Jie doing what you all...Jie ni kan...Hello...hello...Jie...Jie...Jie..

*wakes up*

Back to the 2 kids I was looking after. They're my church member's kids Jared and Dinah. They were such angels (when compared to my lil cuzzies). And they're such cuties (as adorable as my lil cuzzies haha). So very adorable u'd just feel like hugging them when u see them. Sigh aren't all these lil kids just undeniably CUTE??? I was just thinking how cute and adorable they were I was looking forward to another opportunity to do so. And so...I baby-sitted them 2 days in a row =) It was fun! Totally wouldn't mind them coming over again Haha. Having to spend time with them just makes me miss my lil cuzzies in penang!!!

Kids these days are actually smarter than you think! Never under estimate the mind of a child. It may or can be certain ways not to a certain extend...


Ale said...

Aaaaaawwwwww...cho CUTE lah THEY OR!! *squeezes em all so tightly* Hehehe..

eunice said...

cute rite cute rite?
aih wasted no camera with me