Thursday, October 21, 2004


Hmm it's been rainning practically the whole day now. Nice weather to be tucked under ur warm blankie and sleep all day!!! Sadly, as a student we hardly have that kind of opportunity to just sleep in the whole day. What more when finals are approaching in a month or so. I just can't wait for finals to be over. Can't wait to board the plane with my yongmay!! Sad though that Ale can't come along. Can't wait to finally be able to see DAD...after a few months now. What's more exciting...getting to see KOKO!!! Sigh haven't seen him in person for more than 2 years now. That's LONGGG!!! Things are working out well for him. He's happy with his current job as a teaching assistant and researching work for his professor. Looks like he's most likely going to be staying on there for a while after he graduates. I missed the times we had though. Speaking of him...I saw a guy in coll this morning who looks like him!! If the guy was a bit taller and CUTER (haha) I was sure I could have gave him a hug. Not that I'd go around hugging strangers. NO that's not what I do. It's just that I miss my brother sooo much I'm starting to think ppl whom I see outside resembles him in anyway possible.

It's just 25 more days before Yong May comes back!!! OooOoo can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!! Until she comes'd be about 9 months since she's left. Hhmm 9 months...9 months...hhhmm yongmay where have u been the past 9 months?? Is there a cute lil baby boy or girl? perhaps...twins? triplets?? Gaahh...alright...I'm officially temporarily insane. Thinking too much of nothing makes u go beserk!

In about 10 days...we'll be having a housemate around. Things might not be as 'normal' as it use to be...I guess. Not a horrible thing...just different, not normal...u know? 'do you understand the words that is coming out of my mouth?' He came over a couple of days back to survey his room. We're still wondering how a tall-ie like him can fit into that room. He's super super tall...and thin...broad shoulders and goes by the name David. It was kinda awkward at first when he first came in...*silence* *whispers* *giggles* Then slowly conversation starts Haha...he stayed for dinner and found out...he COOKS!! And his specialty...curry CHICKEN!!! Well good that there's another cook in the house. So we can all just cook a dish a meal or take turns to cook. Ale can cook her yummy porridge...or meatballs!! Then Isaac can cook mash potatoes. So far that's what I tasted of his cooking. Then we can turn this place into a cooking frenzy place. Ok that didn't came out as what I was thinking but oh well...'s a lovely dovey day. The weather is soothing. It's the ale-fav-mo! Right this is it for today.

*p/s- ale i did this for u...touched a not?*


Ale said...

HAhahahaha...EUnice Eunice.. So high de ah you?
Why you typing-typing all the funny stuffs come out wan?
AHhahahahahahaha.... So funny lah...

AaahhhhhhhHHHHhhHHHH! Too bad I can't go to US lah. Wasted. HAha. Wanted to go and visit MY country.(pembelot). Hehe.

Yay! YOng May's coming back. Yay! *All smiles* =)

Er..Eunice.. cannot behave like this de ahh... Must have manners. Heahahaeheahahhehhah! Cooking frenzy place? funny!

Ale-fav-mo? What's that? Ah? UH? HUH? What's that?
But anyways... Awww..I feel so touched(For ale-fav-mo?).
Haha. (What's that?)

eunice said...

*goin hysterical*

Yes, my dear cuzzie. So how was ur day today? Hope it was pleasant one. So what would you like to have for dinner today? Would you like me to cook or would u rather eat out? Oh, I'm I making too much noise? Alright I'll tone down the television. Is this better? Hey...did you see what the guy just did on tv? Isn't it hillarious?