Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Happy...hhmm happy? Yups. Firstly I wanna thank my parents for bringing me into existance and for constantly being there for me. For all the encouragements and disciplining and the spiritual brought up that makes me who I am today. Also would like to thank my dearest cuzzie Aletheia for all the wishes THROUGHOUT the day and also her very own rendition of the song on the guitars. Yes my dearest cuzzie here plays not only the piano...but the guitar!! Thanks Ale for ur support and for all the crazy times we had for the past decade!! Sigh..time REALLY flies. I would also like to thank all of my beloved friends for the lovely messages, cards, mails and phone calls. Thank you sooo much!!

Oh and before I forget to say this...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!!

Looks like this is my first birthday without daddy around. I really miss him I feel like giving him a BIG HUG now!!! I just can't wait to go over to US. My first time flying overseas. Not only that...first time flying with YONGMAY!!! How fun can this be. But unfortunately...Ale can't make it already. *sobs* If only...

Anywayz...had lunch with my coll mates. Haven't had lunch with them for quite some time already...so this was timely=) Then had dinner with cuzzies! Yeay!!

Oh yea...and I've finally tasted IKEA's swedish meatballs. Sad eh...NOW only me tasting them. First time I ever tried those meatballs were those that Ale cooked. It was NICEEE!! Speaking of meatballs...I'm craving for them AGAIN!!! MmmMmm...MmmMmm...MmmMmm!!!

God is indeed faithful and I'd say it again and again cos He just IS!! All I can say is that God truly knows the desires of our hearts. I just can't be grateful and thankful enough that there is a TRUE and AWESOME GOD!!!!

*Worry is like a rocking chair...it gives you something to do but gets you no where*

So why worry??

Don't worry bout anything, instead pray bout everything, tell God your needs, and don't forget to thank Him for His answers. If you do this, you will experience God's peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand, His peace will keep your hearts and minds quiet and at rest, as you TRUST in CHRIST JESUS!!!


Ale said...

Awww....You want me to sing for you again ah???

Anyways! Happy Belated Birthday!!

eunice said...

HAhaha...ah...u sing summore lah hehehe=)

thanks again dear for everything!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you can relate to at least one of these;


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· Anxiety about what "might" happen, but hasn’t
· Anxiety about lack of money
· Anxiety about health
· Anxiety about poor work performance
· Anxiety about career safety
· Anxiety about career advancement
· Anxiety about other peoples problems
· Anxiety about a lie you told
· Anxiety about something you’re keeping secret
· Non supportive spouse, parents, boss, co-workers
· The national and world news (all bad news)
· The local (non business) news (all bad news)
· Accepting the blame of others
· Arguing with others about petty things
· The daily newspaper (all bad news)
· People who complain or meddle or both
· People dwell on problems
· People who are depressed
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