Thursday, October 14, 2004


Yups...I know I'm in the crazily-posting-pictures mode now. Was just browsing those files in my computer and came across some pics and since my blog has been pretty much wordy...thought I'd switch to some pictury moment. Right at the bottom was a pic taken hmm let's see...a long time back. Look at everyone. How tiny we actually are and then now we've all grown up. Fatter...thinner...taller...bigger...smarter...silly-er...crazier...more matured...more childish? Hhmm people change ...physically, character wise and spiritually.

Thank God He's always the same...yesterday, today, TOMORROW!!! I seriously do not know what I'd be today if I didn't believe in the God that I believe in today.

Hhmmm...Today was a crazy fun day. Ale followed me to work! Asked my supervisor if she could come in since she finished class and was just waiting for me to finish so we could then go back. It was fun! Working never been so fun before. Thanks Ale for helping although u didn't had too! Then after that we decided to head to mid valley...since the food around here's horrible (ok well not all but the good ones we've gotten sick of it already). Then we decided to look for shoes...('flats' and 'hills'). Went into some clothe shops as well trying on stuffs we never had just for fun. We should really do that again. It was F-U-N!!! YongMay I'm waiting for you to come back to do that crazy shopping we talked about!! Anywayz we both bought one top. Ale's top really looked cute on her. Can't wait to see her in that again. Mine's pink! Haha I kinda like pink now...used to like blue...then I had too many blue so I went for's PINK!

Well I'll leave with this:

No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. - 1 Corinthians 10:13

Isn't God amazingly AWESOME??

Look how young and old-fashioned we look in this pic....sigh...we are really getting old! Time's passing so FASTT......I need to seize the present...the now...the MOMENT! Posted by Hello


Ale said...

NIce PIcs lahh!! SOme so funny wan. HAha 8)

YOu have grown into a beatiful being, my dear! Whether physically, mentally or spiritually. YOu ARE wonderfully beautiful in the eyes our Creator and also to the eyes of men. HAHa. Thank God for the YOU you are today.

Hohhh...See your second paragraph. YOu sound like an anti-christ. *choi* (touch wood! haha. kidding)
Quote "I seriously do not know what I'd be today if I didn't believe in the God I am today."
"The God I am?" ..The God YOU are? Better rephrase =)

Hahahaha.. So fun lah your work. But kinda memeningkan also lah. Turn here, turn there. But it was FUN(with you therelah). I wish hor, when I work next time, you'll be there also. Then I won't get bored of it wan =) Hehe. But too bad we couldn't find JUDY's file. Wasted.

Hahaha. FUN also lah going to mid valley like yesterday. Go there n gila-gila. TAlk like rich ppl buying flats and hills. HAhaha. Funny lah.
Oohh, your top's sweet. Haha. Yah lah. Sure alot of ppl perasan that you've got tonnes of BLUE tops wan. Good lah. Wear pink- for a change. =)

You so cute lah in this pic. But blurrrrr lahhh. Ah, see. Since young de you wear BLUE tops. Hehahaehehahah

eunice said...

Yikes...that was totally not what I meant. Next time I should proof read what I type before I post!! Especially anything that relates to our Almighty One. Have changed it already. Thanks for pointing that out =)

Yohh...yealah..too many blues already. Need to add more colour into my closet. Hhmm...probably bright bright colours like erm...yellow and orange!! ye-llow-ye llow-ye-llow ye-llow-ye-llow-ye muahahaha!!!

Eh I found Judy's file lah. Wasted u not with me today! Eh their faces sebiji semacam lah!!!!

Ale said...

Aww...mannnn! Too bad lahh...I guess me and her file mo yuin wan. Sad saD..