Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Weekend was filled with tissues and wet towels (well not literally). Thank God I'm feeling much better though=) Actually apart from the tissues and spending most of the time sleeping...I couldn't remmeber much what else happened last weekend. Hhmm probably nothing happened that's y. Thank God for loving mummy who's ever so concerned and ever willing to take good care of me. Sigh, I've gotta not be so dependent on her especially when she's leaving to US already...I've gotta take care of myself! Throughout my 19 years on this earth...I think THAT never happened. Hey...I'm not spoilt alright? Tell me...which parents would not be there for thier lil ones especially at times when they needed them most? Gee, I really really truly am so greatful to have such parents like the ones I have right now. Although we don't agree on things ALL the time but hey we are a FAMILY! I thank them for spanking me when I was little and notorious. I thank them for disciplining me well. I thank them for the Godly brought up they emphasized on. I THANK GOD for my lovely PARENTS!!!

Looks like I'm getting all emotional again. Mum's leaving in about 18 days. EIGHTEEN DAYS!!! That's real SOON. Gaaahhh...I'll be soooo missing them. Just can't wait to be re-united as a family during christmas. This surely is a timely thing. God indeed hears the cries of our hearts. Truly if I had not known HIM...who can I depend on? I was really seeking and praying for a certain need. Having to have faith in HIM...just seems rather difficult especially when u think of it in terms of reality. However...God is INDEED ALWAYS THERE! HE listens to even the smallest requests of our hearts. Throughout the week of seeking and asking God...He constantly reminded me of HIS providence upon my life. How amazing is that? I'm so grateful to HIm I can't THANK HIM enough!!! I am just so truly amazed by the way HE spoke to me. Through the WORD...HIS people. Mann I'm just SO EXCITED!!!! My heart is more at ease knowing that my TRUE GOD is forever in CONTROL!

Yes, I admit that as humans we do doubt and although at times things might not seem to work out yet but I truly believe and trust that in HIM all things are possible!!!

20 more days...yes TWENTY more days before YONGMAY comes home!!!!!! YEAY another anticipated event. Still missing my beloved brother. Heard from him the other day that he got the teaching job in his uni. Yes he's now teaching the freshies...statistics if i'm not mistaken. And he's really happy. Yes...everyone is talking about the only male TA who has his glorious shaved head, magnetic smile and oh so cute personality. Hahaha. Sigh I miss him sooooo much!!!!! He's even got his OWN OFFICE...with a computer, phone...apart from the normal table and chair of course. And as a research assistant...and the professors he works with who delights in his great abillities...gosh I'm so happy for him. God's favour is truly upon him. THANK YOU GOD!!! Well of course all this didn't come just like that. There were horrible times we as a whole family had to go through...but you see...God IS in control and HE's plans are always the best for us.

Yikes...my time is up. Need to rush to a meeting. *poofs....disappears*

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Ale said...

Hahahaha... didn't you mean, need to rush to a meeting you didn't go?