Friday, October 29, 2004

Typed a lengthy entry last night...but smart lil me didn't save it before exiting since it could not publish. Smart right? So it was all gone. GONE GONE GONE. Didn't had the mood to write it all up again last night so decided to leave this cute lil pic behind. Sigh I miss him sooo much!!!!!!

isn't he KEY-YOOT???? Posted by Hello

Now back to what I typed earlier on...
Too Happy 1<-- This was me 2 days ago. Crazy <-- This was me yesterday. Sleepy <-- This is me now! I was extremely overjoyed when I got my marks for my java lab test! Definitely something to bring out glasses and champagnes to celebrate! Well, okay maybe not to that extend but I was just simply HAPPY. Been struggling with that sub so this marks came in handy. Hopefully I'd still be able to do well overall in this subject. Went to watch ladder 49 in 1U with Ale right after the test the other day. Yuppss...we went all the way to 1U. Went to do some window shopping as well. It REALLY is FUN trying on stuffs u'd never think of wearing. Let's u see how'd u actually look if u were to wear the not-so-you kinda outfits. Can be pretty amusing too! We were still on our search for flats and heels but to our disspointment...nothing satisfying was found. Oh yea...received a few belated wishes from friends I never knew would remember so it was really sweet! I'm remembered...*sobs* I'm touched!! Surprises...the's really something nice to get once in a while. Especially when u least expect it to HAPPENS. Be it situations OR people. I would say people are the most interesting piece on earth to study and analyze. Their personalities and character...the moment you think you've seen the weirdest or the funniest or sickest or annoyingest, freakiest, childishest, friendliest, silliest...or whatever-est...but sometime later you might just meet an even more whatever-est kinda people. Even with the closest people think you know them more than enough...but heck...they still SURPRISE you once in a while. Could be the possibility that people often change as well but's just so interesting to have an interest on the most interesting creation of God. Then there are some sadder times when you think that someone could just be THE one but only to find the other side that's just not been showing for the past DECADE!!! But then again...if everyone was just so straight forward and simple and ordinary in life...where's the excitement in life? There probably wouldn't be any meaning to the word UNIQUE or SURPRISE or CHANGE. Life would just be dull and plain and simple and boring...don't you think?


Ale said...

Hee.. I miss him, toooooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOo!!

Uhmm, so, which's 'piece' are you working on this time around? Hahaha

eunice said...

yeee I'm missing him much much more now lahhh
I wanna hug him!!!!!

hhmm which "piece" leh??? 8)