Friday, October 08, 2004

When the goin gets tough, the tough gets going

It's always easy to say everything happens for a reason or whatever happens, God's in control! Life may seem terribly unfair at times though. Then again... (some wise guy quoted) if life was so simple...why bother living it? Don't you think it totally defeats the meaning of life if it was just S-I-M-P-L-E? Someone once said...when bad things don't happen to you...or let's put it this way...if the devil doesn't come and tempt you or make ur life a living hell...doesn't it gets u to stop and think for a moment - which side are u at? Isn't it scary how our mind messes us up?

CHANGE is not always a bad thing. Neither is it always good. Changes in life either breaks or make you. Sometimes it might even eat you up. Sometimes it's for the better. However, it IS crucial in a person's life. A person who's never changed in any way...couldn't possibly be human! It's sad though to see ppl change not for the better. In hits me. I just feel it yet all I can do is say a lil prayer for them that God be merciful and just upon their lives.

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