Wednesday, October 06, 2004

happy day?

Okay I'm back to finish up what I haven't in the previous entries. Nah...who am I kidding? I can't even remember I wanted to do moments ago and now? Ok where am I goin here? I'm lost...lost in my own world of lostness!!

I hate it when there's just too many things in your mind at one time. Heck...I'm just so happy!! What I hate or what annoys me doesn't matter at the moment...cos I'm ga...err...happy!! Happy happy happy happy happy! Actually this...hhmm what should I call it?...happiness? started yesterday...and I wanted to jot this moment down in my blog so I could be reminded of this moment when I read this again...but I guess sometimes when u're happy u're happy!!! Not much thinking to do other than just being HAPPY. Ok I know I don't make much sense now...

So let's start anew. Hhmm...just found out marty sampson's getting married!! He's getting MARRIED?? He's GETTING MARRIED!!!!! Now that's a shocking news. Then's actually not quite shocking...right? And it shouldn't be that shocking...cos after all, people grow older...get married...have kids...have grandkids...grow even older...wrinkle...sag...physically and mentally become S-L-O-W-E-R (but I guess there's exception for SOME cases of being SLOW and barely reaching old age). How did I get here? Oh yea...the thought of marty getting married.

Yikes I just realized the time. I'll continue...with what's left in my memory.

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lisa said...

what??? no wayy.. he's getting married. that's crazy.. sad.. coool. haha how'd u find out?