Thursday, November 18, 2004

All things just keep getting better?

Yongmay has been back since monday night. Haven't got to see her yet uptil TODAY!!!! It was about not seeing ur best buddy for like 9 months?? NINE whole months uknow!!! I've never not not seen her THAT long in my entire life before!!!! Gosh was I missing her really bad. But it was great to see her again. The first thing we gave each other...A BIG HUGGGGG!!!!!! Had a great time with her today although it was just a short while. Gonna see her on friday again anywayz. WOOHHOOOO!!!!! Oh yea and yongmay...thanks for the nougats =)

Just heard from a friend that she's....*drum roll*......ENGAGED!!!!!!! Ah I'm so extremely happy for her I almost cried listening to their romantic stories. It was sweeet....S-W-E-E-T...totally!!!!!!

Although the day just couldn't seem to get was weird. SIMPLY WEIRD!!!! Anywayz it's been a LONG and tiring day...feeling kinda sleepy...might just explain more about how this day was simply weird....that's if I remember :-Þ


Anonymous said...

david here!
long time i havent read ur blog..suddenly u wrote so much! :) u should be going to canada by now or sometime soon rite? forgot exactly when already..i hope ul have a fantastic time over there! im sure u will!!
by the way, yong may is engaged ah?!?!?
yea we're reaching the age where ppl are getting married! 2 ppl on my course just got married during the summer! they're just 1 year older! WEIRD! i understand when u say that! heheh.. cant wait for my turn! heheh..actually il just enjoy single life for now :)
take care!!

eunice said...

hey david =)

canada?errr nah not goin over to canada. finishing my degree locally. but i'll be goin over to US to visit my dad and mum...and bro (hopefully he gets his visa approved)for bout a month...woohoo...can't wait!!!

err....nah the person who got engaged isn't yongmay...BUT...*drum roll* N-E-E-N-A!!!!! Yups she's already engaged and getting married in may. Guess she might just stay there in canada for good now=)

hehe...single life...yea there's a whole lot of it to enjoy for now...why waste this opportunity of singlehood at this age? HAha...

well hope to catch up with u soon though. All the best in ur studies but i guess this wouldn't do much help since u've been always good at it =) but anywayz take care and God bless=)