Wednesday, November 24, 2004

It's's done...IT'S DONE!!!!! LAST!!!!! my dreadful java assignment has come to an end!! After all the long hours of starring blindly into the computer screen daily. It's high time I stay away from it for a while and catch up on my studies again. Finals are coming up in exactly 14 days 19 hours and 54 mins. Goodness that's not a lot of time now is it?

In class today Mr.Chee my java lect discussed the question2 of the assignment which I had plenty of problems with it the past few days. compare to his level...I'm like deep down the drain. Well at least something's working although there are some logical errors but heck, I'm no IT student!!! He was kinda crazy today. Not his usual serious self. I would say that today's class was the most interesting class I had ever had (wahahahaha). He was advising us to sit back and relax a lil now that we've hand in our assignments and so he did a small demonstration of what he'd do when he's relaxing. Goodness this man smiles while he whistles!!! He smiled while he whistled to the tune of the handphone ringtone that was ringing at the moment. Then he thought out loud and said Isn't it a lil to early for christmas? The funny thing is...the ringtone was obviously not a christmas carol nor did it sound any chrismassy to me. Then more students realized what he was doing and he being aware that more eyes were on him...his whistling sounded more shaky but yet being a sport he continued on. He definitely brought life into the class today. And that is certainly an unusual thing...but oh was great!!!

ooOOoo and apart from the completion of my java assignment... I just realized I finished my 65 hours of "volunteery" job all scholarship students were supposed to fulfil. I thought I still had 2 more hours but was just adding all the hours I've done together and to my surprise....the number 65 on my calculator. Wahaha...It's done it's done it's done!!! Woohooooooo!!!!!!!!


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