Friday, November 05, 2004


I'm still in cheras!!'s raining like cats and dogs and I don't wanna get stuck in the rain on the roads. Rather stay dry and cozy back here. Besides...there's Ale here too!! *winks*

Weather is sleep in!!! But for some reasons...I just don't seem to be sleepy. The windy cool breeze is just such a lovely feeling. Wee...which reminds me of the feeling up in genting. Not that I have something in particular that I like about Genting though...well urm maybe HAHa...yes I wanna take a spin on that spinning swing thingy or whatever it's called!!!

Hhmmm better get started with my lab reports since I'm still here gazing into this square box right in front of me.

1 comment:

Ale said...

Aiksss?? YOu still here? Where? Tak nampak you pun?

Hahahaha. You sure you'd rather stay here cause of me? ME? BECAUSE OF ME AH? You sure anot? *winks*