Tuesday, November 09, 2004

*happy tree friends tune*

It was a long weekend indeed. Music prac on saturday was a drag. Spent most of the time with mum. Sigh I can't believe she's leaving this SATURDAY!!!! This is way too soon. AAAHHHHHHHH!!!

Hhm...anywayz, my cuzzie Kah Choon came by to take a set of keys. Yups he'll be around when mum's gone. Mum showed him around and told him what to do and what not to do..and so on. Then the topic of bathing came up. I mean mum was just telling him there's water heater upstairs. Here's roughly what happened...

mum : lao teng uu siou chuey
kc : uu thang bo?
mum : uu shower ah...asi lu ai chang siou chui lao teng uu
kc : bo leng chuey ah? wa iong ane kuan ane kuan (while doing some action...like scooping up a pail of water and splashing it onto himself)

I wanted to burst out in laughter but had to control...funny he's still used to bathing like that. I remember whenever we go back to taiping we had to scoop up buckets of water and pour that icy cool water to bathe and I'd start jumping every time I had to do that. Bbrrrr...seems like some traditional habits or ways are hard to get away from. He was then looking for pails and buckets to make sure he can bathe as normally as he does.

Hopefully he gets a job somewhere in subang or petaling jaya so he can take care of the house and ME without us being a burden to him. Just before he left...my mum introduced him to my neighbours. Their first reaction was "OOhh you came back!!!!" (them thinking it was my brother) Haha funny how ppl think they'd look alike. Funny how ppl think us cousins look alike...right ale? right? As a matter of fact my cuzzie's getting rounder and he kinda has my aunt's look now. Cute =)

Oo then on sunday was just walking around with mum. Then we saw this salon having some promotions. Went to check it out. I wanted to cut my hair weeks ago...well not really cut but trim. So anywayz we went in. So there came the hairdresser promoting the promotions they have...yada yada yada...I guess he's one of the guy hairdressers who doesn't have much of the feminine side overpowering the masculine side. I might even add that he's kinda cute!! And so he was the one going to cut my hair. Talked bout how I want it cut and all. I must say he's the first ever hairdresser who said my hair wasn't thick! I've been getting comments from ALL hairdressers that I have a lot of hair or even bushy hair. Yes BUSHY!! Haha...funny how he thinks it's not now. Have I been dropping a LOT of hair?? Or did my previous hairdresser simply cut most of the hair I wanted him NOT to cut!!!!! Then so he started cutting my hair. He talked alot. I meant A LOT. And for the very first time...a hairdresser who simply speaks ENGLISH!!! So he was cutting and cutting and cutting...til a point he accidentally cut his on finger! GOsh I feel bad. Don't think there's much difference to my hair other than a shorter length =)

OKiez need to start my lab report!! It's due this WEDENESDAY!!!!

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