Tuesday, November 02, 2004


I'm feeling very restless now. Not sure why...actually I'm feeling very disturbed this moment. WHY? Not sure what's wrong with me. I just don't feel right this moment. Can't think of any possiblities as to why I'm feeling this way also. Probably just one of the days you wake up not feeling right?? Definitely the only valid explanation I can think of now.

aarrggghhh I hate this feeling!!!

Missed class this morning. Was held up in the clinic for that flu jab! Ggrrr why do we need all these jabs??? Went back still to college to try complete my 65 hours with sedaya as soon as possible. Right this moment I still have about 17 hours more. Gggrrrr it's endless!!! It doesn't seem to ever end!!! Ooo but my supervisor gave me a chocolate before I left. YEAY!!!

I need peace...I need peace...O Lord please grant me Your peace!!!

Chem mid-terms coming up this thursday! I really need to score this time since I screwed up my previous test!! Sighhhhh.....

The thought of mum leaving in 12 days freaks me out. I'm not sure if I could ever live on normally. Guess I've gotta get used to this CHANGE. AAAHHHHHHH I wanna scream my lungs out! *blasts the music so no one can hear me scream*Screamer

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Ale said...

Never thought you were restless for a REASON. I thought you were just....restless!
I knew I was =0