Monday, December 13, 2004

Another day goes by...

Funny there's nothing much to watch here on sundays. Maybe cos we can't get the really nice channels here or something. I don't know...still exploring the tv world haha. All I know is that they're showing mum's favourite 'soap opera' here. Haha...oh and on sundays there's just plenty of channels on church services. Just pick which preacher you'd prefer listening to. Don't feel like getting up from bed? Just stay in and turn on the radio. Worship services are on air as well. Not implementing that we should be lazy and not make a point to go church though.

I've been sleeping quite a lot haha...but I went to the mini-shopping mall just down the street with mum. It's really tiny and a lil messy too. They actually still display stale bread on the shelf. All of the bread were best before 10 dec...12 we came back with no bread. Too bad for dad who wanted bread so badly. Dropped by the bookshop before coming home. Checked out some cds and there was this section displaying all the 'dark' cds together. Tool, perfect circle, etc...haha andrew's kinda world I guess.

Came home really tired...slept from 4pm til bout 10pm haha. Had late dinner...noodles cooked by mum. YUMMYYY....anything mum cooks is yummyyyy!!! OHyea she cooked lunch too. CHICKEN and potatoes and some vege.

Today's surprisingly hotter than usual. But still cooling...maybe like in Genting. Oh well I need to take my bath now. It's getting late haha...

13 Dec

ooOOoo...13 dec already. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!!!!!!

hhmm they seem to play mercy me's songs alot here. oh and tv ads are really funny!!!

haha ok....*poofs*


Ale said...

JIE, you eating CHICKEN ah? CHICKEN? Pok pok pok chicken?

eunice said...

hahAHaha...yeaahhh CHICKENNN!!!!

pok pok pok!!