Sunday, December 12, 2004

From BushLand

Hehe...yeapps I finally arrived in Dallas, Texas after a longggg (a REALLY REALLY LONNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG) and tiring journey but an exciting and interesting one.

So Yong May's parents dropped us off at KLIA and thus begins our journey. First transit was to the 'kiasu' land!! I must say the airport there is just simply awesome. Yeahhh...and since that was the longest wait among all our transits (5 hours) we were practically doing crazy and silly stuffs to keep ourselves occupied. Yongmay was off we went hunting for food. Thinking the 24 hour foodcourt would have sandwhiches (or any food for that matter) we went looking for it. Reached there and NOTHING left!!!!! So decided to go to the 24hour mini mart. Bought buns...which labels read "Made in MAlaysia"!! Made a couple of silly pretending to be on an amazing race and just being plain silly!!! At 3.30am, we checked in for our next transits. Was bombarded with loads of questions like my purpose to US, did I bring anything hazardous...scissors...etc. The lady was really friendly and nice though. Quite chatty also. When she knew I was going over to visit my parents...she was like...Oh then you're staying alone at home now ah? you're 19? Wah very young ah!! (young meh??) And you're travelling alone?? Haha...some of the questions she asked quite funny...but she was nice lah hehe...not so interogative more of conversational hehe.

Then after the long wait in singapore, our next stop was at Narita, Tokyo. The airport's quite lousy...nothing compared to spore's airport! (haha free advertising). My head was kinda spinning by then. So took some panadol (compliments of yongmay) and felt better. Next stop...Minnieapolis, Minnesota! (Last transit together with yongmay). This was the longest flight...bout 10 hours!!!!! Could not take it anymore so I vomitted. But felt much better after that though hehe. During the journey we watched some movies. I watched a total of 3 -- I robot, Paddle Wack and Raising Helen. Both the transits to tokyo and minnieapolis we were surrounded by lil kids. Some really CUTE ones and some really SMALL ones who cried alot. But I was jus enjoying myself with some lovely music!! Some jazzy ones and some bebops...bigbands...soothing ones. Fell asleep listening to those most of the times. Oh and each time we wake up after dozing off for a will be served. EACH TIME!!! So we were really stuffed!!!! At a point during one of the breaks they gave us something that looks like a fruitcake. (personal 'FAV' of yongmay's) HAHAHA...yea but it turned out to be carrot cake (I think) We didn't dare try...just incase it was FRUITCAKE!!! Besides we were really FULL!!

Then at minnieapolis, the end of our hillarious-fun journey together. Oh I was hunting for some 'asam' or anything sour or salty but I guess americans are really sweet toothed. Regretted not bringing some from back home. The best thing to asam found were SOUR skittles. Yeah...for the price of $1.07. Haha..americans and their taxes!!

Dreaded the last flight cos was still kinda giddy and headachey but finally...after about 22 hours on the plane I finally reached Dallas!!! Came out of the gate, looking for the place to collect my bag and...TADA...there stood mum and dad and not forgetting Anthony aka uncle TONY, dad's housemate. Gosh was he hillarious. Just listenning to him talk makes me wanna laugh. He's really really FUNNY. And the way he communicates with dad...gosh they actually tease each small kids lah...SERIOUSLY!!! So it was GREAT meeting ALL of them!!!!!!!! I'm finally HERE!! Can't believe it....I'm HEREEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Things here are really cheap compared to msia. Guess what? A BK Whooper is only $1.00 and the size is like much much bigger!!!! Even post cereals are only $2.00 per box. Haha...but I had some chinese food for dinner last nite. Didn't had appetite for anything western =)

Ohhh and uncle Tony really liked the batik shirt I got for him. Wahaha (bangga-ness). He totally liked it so much!!! He calls me his buddy!! Haha..he's really funnyyyyyyy. Too bad I won't get to see much of him as he went back to his hometown.

Alright dad's back. Need to go to church. See y'all!!!! (you get to hear that alot) Take care y'all!!!!


Ale said...

Miss you soooooOOOooOOOooOOOooOOOooOoooOOo muchiez.

eunice said...


miss you loaddiezzzzzz!!!!!