Monday, December 06, 2004

haHAhaHAhahaHAHahaha :-Þ

Yea...I know it's been sometime since I last posted something here. Was caught up with a whole lot of stuffs to do (yea...other than studying hahaha) like REALLY STUDYING!!! Haha...hopefully what went in stays in there though haha. Have been having a whole lot of fun with yongmay ever since she came back. Staying over her place and her staying over mine...kinda feels like the good ol days. Just having each other's company has been the greatest days of my life for the past few days. Let's see how much I can remember...

We watched the incredibles together with ale and a bunch of friends. Hhmmm wait I think I've said this already...guess I went too far back. Alright the saturday...about a week ago...we finally pierced our ears!!! Yeaps....we did. HAhahaha...YEAHH I DID (although I hesitated at first)!!!! WAhahahhaa....we both got ourselves matching pairs haha...oh before that we had lunch...mmmm..yummy vietnamese food. Then we had ROTIBOY...mmmm yes yummy yummy....then we walked and talked and walked and talked...and ohyea...yongmay DROVE me to 1U hehe...uh-huh...she DROVE me YEAYYYYYYY =) Then we went to ss2 for ICE KACANG!!! yesssss yummy ice kacang!!!!! Hhmm I think I'm hungry now lah...blogging bout food only haha....but despite all the yummy food we was indeed a FABULOUS time together with yongmay!!!!!! YEAHHH =)

Then on tues(I think) or was it a mon...I went over to her place cos we were gonna make our new IC the next day. So I stayed the night there. It was a long wait indeed but there was company...nothing so dreadful after all.

And on thurs and fri, went for the planet shakers concert. Haven't been to concerts in a while now. It was great...meeting up with long lost friends, school mates and lovely friends hahaha...the concert itself?? was....great lah...haha=) (other than the part eugene was bullying me)

Then after that yongmay spent the nite at my place. was nice just having her around=) See how much fun I've been having the past few days?? Yet finals are round the corner....THIS THURSDAY AND FRIDAY!!!! AAAHHHH.....well I managed to study in between those times when I was having SOO MUCH FUN!!! (yea rite...)

All in all...I'm pretty much excited that I'll be goin to see my parents...and not forgetting KOKO!!!!! And it just didn't really sink in that it's happening THIS soon if it wasn't for yongmay who kept counting down the days Haha...and reminding me...and yeaps THIS FRIDAY!!!!! Gosh time really flies. Haha...don't worry ale...I'll obviously be missing u a whole lot...(sigh ONE WHOLE MONTH????) That's longgggg....and don't worry...I'll definitely bring something back for youuuuuuuu *smiles* Promise =)

HHmm there's a whole lot of other stuffs I'd like to continue on but...I'll continue tomorrow...that's if I remember (haha).


Anonymous said...

From Andrew

; Wow! You are so blessed! Life is Tremendous, aren't you?

Anyway, take a peek at this forum. It's informative. - >

eunice said...

Hey andrew =)
Thanks for dropping by.
well I guess I owe it all to HIM!!!!

thanks for the link.
God bless!!

eunice said...

For some reason i'm not able to post a new here I am...

Right now in the singapore airport...waiting for next transit. Found the free internet service!!!! The airport here's canggih I tell you. Even the soap dispenser in the toilet is automatic!!!! haHaha....

it's really really fun travelling with yongmay!!!! Yeaps indeed an unforgetable moment!!!!!


will be blogging more soon=)

gotta go...time's running out!!!
time for more funny adventures with YONGMAY!!!!

ohhh we can watch movies....STAR movies hahahaha

will update properly soon =)

woohoooo....on my way to US!!!!!!!! YEAYYYYYYYYY