Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Spin spin spin...

Yesterday...was a spinny day. Yeap woke up with a spinning head. Kinda like vertigo? Hhmm...But I still could stand and walk just that I can feel me brains spinning!!! Would be alright as long as I don't turn my head around or do any sudden moves. Mum went out with dad to apply for the social security thingy just down the street while I stayed home to rest. Later in the day we went to Cedar Hill, another town nearby cos dad wanted to get some stuffs. Day was sunny as usual but the winds were crazy. Going at about 34miles/hour if I remembered correctly. I could literally feel me blown off...if I were less heavy of course. Probably if I was half my weight? Hhmm...anywayz took some pics trying to catch the windiness with the help of messy hair blown by the windy winds...(senseless structure of sentence)...tried to capture the windy moments on cam with me being the object who has hair blowing all over the place...(even more senseless)...aarrghhh took pics (fullstop!!!)

Saw the news that night and yea those nasty strong winds did start up a fire. The dried woods and grasses caught fire and soon burnt a house down. Scarrryyyyy...Thank God it's safe here!!

Been eating lots of chicken lately. Mum's been cooking loads of chicken!!! LOADS I tell you. I'm getting SICK of it again. Maybe it's the chicken's that making me head spin!! (yea blame it all on the innocent chicken). Staying away from it as much as I can from now on. I'll starve if I need to (yea with fruits, veggies, ICE CREAM? CHIPS? MARSHMALLOW? Hah...see why I'm getting fatter now? Still craving for Asian food. The spicyness and all...aaahhhhh *drooling*

Went for a walk with dad the other day hoping to see some squirrels. He said he always sees them around and that I've scare them all away. It's probably the weather...getting breezier and colder? Haha...anywayz didn’t get to see any of those cuties. Was walking back and the sun was we could see out shadows in front of us. It was kinda funny cos we had really really long shadow legs. Then he started punching my shadow face so I stepped on his shadow legs. Haha...father-daughter bonding?? Hhmmmmmm...

Gaaahhh...I miss my brother. Was just chatting with him earlier on. Sigghhh I really really miss him. Really saddening that his visa wasn't approve. ARRRGGGHHHH...WHYYY??? Now I don't get to see my bro for another...YEAR?????? Boo hoo hoo. But I did have fun chatting with him online (the only source of communication for over 2 years now?...ohh but occasional phone calls) and it was sure fun (not as fun as it'd be if he was here...). He was commenting on the pics I've collected and stored in my albums on shutterfly. One of which I took with a guy back in coll...and he commented "ooOOoo who's that lengchai next to you??" Not likely of him to say such things but turns out he said that only to make me happy just in case he was my significant other. Hah! Sigh I'm really missing himmmm. Made him take more pics of him since he's so free now and he agreed. Good...waiting for those pics of me lovely brother! He's been asking me if I liked it here more and if I'd like to study in here or Canada and start applying for scholarships so I can do so. Guess it's his way of saying he misses me?? brother misses me tooo...aaawwww! *perasanness*

Well maybe he IS. Since we did plan long ago that I'd go over to Canada to study and we'd rent a place together and he'd cook and I'd wash the dishes (he's a better cook than me) and all that and I end up not studying anywhere else but back home in msia. Hehe...guess our plans are not always what we think best. I just miss him you know...a WHOLE LOT...even the word WHOLE LOT doesn't measure to how much I'm missing him. Yea I know I've been saying that lots of's just cos I REALLY MISS HIM. Thinking back of all the times we had together makes me laugh at times even when I'm alone....or even just a SMILE. Haha...although we do quarrel here and there...I'd say that's how we show each other how much we LOVE each other...HAHAHAHA!!!!

Looks likes it's all bout me brother today. lovely dearest brother who no one can compare or replace him.

Ooppss got a lil sidetracked for a moment. Anywayz came back home after some window-shopping and slept really early at about 8/9pm and woke up bout 12 hours later. Haha...sleeping pig one might say.


Ale said...

Hehehehe.... funny lah you. You and your taking photo of the windyness-with-the-help-of-messy-hair-blown-by-the-windy-winds.. Aiyo behh tahan lahh... HAHAHhahaHAaHAHaHHAHHAHa...

Eyyyyyy you know what? I dreamt that your mommy cooked a lot of CHICKEN for you... A TONNE OF 'EM! HAha. No lah...not until a tonne lah but like one whole table full of it! HAhahha..

eunice said...


eh u see....ur dreams always come true huh? when did u dreamt bout this? hehe...slowly then u can predict the 'future' hahaha!!!