Monday, December 20, 2004

Sunny SUNday!

Woke up around 9. Had some POST cereal for breakfast (somehow it just taste nicer). Got ready and off we THE OAKS, a BIGGGG church. They even had a playhouse (mini version of 'hide n seek' playhouse)inside for the kids. A cafe, many rooms for the sunday school and a huge sanctuary. Awesome stage I must say. PLenty of christmas trees wonderfully lighted up. Worship was AWESOME! It's been quite some time since I experienced a worship like this. Felt like I was in heaven. This christmas service was short and sweet. started at 11am and ended sharp at 12.30pm. A small presentation by cute lil kids on vocals (their voices are just sooo cuteeeeee), worship, a play, sermon and communion. All in just an hour and a half. AMAZING? The musicians were great. There was an accoustic, drums, keys, syn, bass, percussions, sax and awesome vocals! LOVELY!!!

The play...was simple, humourous yet it surely did get the msg acrossed and I'm sure have touched many lives. It was based on a normal everyday family life here with the title Christmas with Grace. Had elements of relationships within a family I believe everyone could connect to and the power of the msg was just truly AWESOME. GRACE -- the most precious gift anyone could give! It is not something you give hoping for something in return. It is loving someone unconditionally knowing that the person doesn't well deserve it yet still you bless them and spread your love to them. Just like God's grace to us, sending His ONLY son to die for our sins yet knowing some may just reject Him even doing so. Now that's GRACE!!! Thank you God for your GRACE n mercy upon our lives.

Then after the short sermon from the pastor, he invited each and every believer to join him in communion. It's kinda weird how they do it here though. Maybe not weird...just different. All you have to do is walk to the table nearest you, taking the bread and the cup and walk back to your seats...praying and taking it on your own. They don't do it as a church here I guess. Was kinda in an awkward position at the moment.

Then a short prayer of blessings to the congregation and service was over.

Had BURGER for lunch again. Yeap it's the cheapest around. This time we had BK's whopper. It's huge alright. Bigger than the size of my hands...well almost. But it's yummily delicious. What I like most is the amount of lettuce they add in. Hehe=)

Alright off for a walk with dad now.


Anonymous said...

From Andrew L.
; còôL

I wish i could have been following your stories..

Life is Tremendous!

I really admire your enthusiasm.. you seem to really enjoy this hobby;

eunice said...

Hehe...well if I don't jot it all down here I'm afraid down the years I might not be able to remember any of this anymore. Hhmm maybe not years later...probably weeks or maybe even days later which I'd then only be able to remember it vaguely.

So while it's still fresh in my mind...might as well save it here -- my backup brain for memories.