Friday, December 17, 2004

Trip to Hillsboro

Trip of the day:
Prime Outlets -- Located in the historic town of Hillsboro with over 200 antique shops and over 85 great brand name stores.

Had lunch before shopping at Wendy's. Burger was fair. Couldn't really enjoy taking big bites. My wisdom tooth was 'growing' and my gums were swollen. It's painful just to open my mouth...what more openning it bigger to fit the burger in. Had to squash and flattened it before taking my bite of the burger. *pssstt...Ale I know you like flattening bread!! Thought of u when dad told me to flattened it hehe* The lemonade kinda tasted like redoxon's soluble vitamin C. Tomato sauce was yummmmyyyyy!!!

At prime outlets...
Area was hugeeeee. Had to walk in and out to go from one shop to another. So it was COLLLDDD...then warm...then COLLLLDDDD...then warm. There was a point it was soo cold I thought my brain froze. My palm and fingers were actually warmer than my forehead. Ears were almost frozen as well. Took us bout 4-5 hours to cover the whole area. Branded stuffs sold here were much cheaper even after conversion. Really a great deal!! We stepped in practically every shop and greeted by their ever famous line "How y'all doing today?" each time we step into a shop. Went into this particular shop when a lady came to us and asked if she could help us in anyway? That's what they'd usually ask as well and so as usual mum would answer..."we're alright...just looking around". But this time the lady looked at us weirdly...wondering what we lost sheeps were doing in her shop. Then she continued..."well do y'all know that this here are big sized wear?" No wonder she gave us a weird look when we stepped in. Anywayz..she kindly showed us to the 'pettite' section. Took pictures here and there...but it was just too cold...didn't have gloves so hand was almost pictures taken were blurry and shaky haha...

Finally came out of the last shop and it was already dark. Yea it gets dark by 5/6pm here. Long tiring day....was walking...walking...walking...whole day!!!! Foot was surprisingly not sore!!

Before reaching home...took pictures of wonderfully lighted houses. It's really beautiful. They light up their trees with lights...the frames of their houses...and they'd buy lighted frames of reindeers, snowman, angels and of course santa. Pictures were taken by me...the photography-illiterate one. So pics taken may not justify what it actually looks. Hahaha...if only Jireh was around. He'd be a great photographer!!! Too bad his visa wasn't approved. Won't be seeing him this year?? hopefully!!!!!

Went to Wal*Mart. Bought some lip balm and oooOOOOoooo mashmallows (yuummmmyyyy). Sorry ale...forgot to charge up the batteries for the camera...didn't take pics of WalMart yet. Will do them as soon as possible!!!! Spend the entire afternoon there...gosh time really flies!!!

Mum cooked bak kut teh today....mmmMMmmmm yummmy!!! Had corn dogs for dinner (from Wal*Mart).

Feeling sleepy now...hhmmm it's not even 12 and I'm sleepy. I kinda sleep earlier here...maybe cos it gets darker earlier? Haha...crapp!!

Sigh I'm craving for assam laksaaaaaa!!!! and ROJAK!!!!

mmMMmm...getting hungry or maybe just sleepyyyy....nitezzzZZZzzz!!!


-yong may- said...

hey eunice ah, what did your mum put inside the bak kut teh ah?
can share?

eunice said...

eyyy yongmay!!!
hehe u online now huh??

hhmm she puts in chicken and mushrooms. no need comes from the chicken hehe...then if u wan can add lettuce. Take abit of soup out and boil the lettuce. Cos if not then ur soup not that nice de hehe...

-yong may- said...

heyyy...ehhh sorry yeah...didn't know u were online also.
then need to put in some garlic???

eunice said...

ohyea....garlic's the most important thing hehe. just wash and put in the whole clove =)

hhmm...yea that should be all. oh and salt to taste hehe =)

Ale said...

BwahahahahahAHhahHAHHAhahHAHHAHhahHAHhHHAHhhHHahhHHHAhhhHHHahHHHHAhhhHHAhhhHHAha.... YOu both make me laugh like mad wey!! Sharing cooking 'secrets' ah? Aiyo.... So cute lah you all.. HAhahhAHAHhaHAhHHAHhHA... Potential housewives... =)

eunice said...

Hahaha...come join the fun lah ale. Tell us how to cook porridge hehe =)

Ale said...

Eunice... so cheeky lah you. What now huh? You insulting my porridge-cooking huh? HUH? AHhahhHAHHAhhaHAHhahhHHAhhahHhhHAHhhahhHHhHahhahahah

eunice said...

no lah wasn't insulting. Implementing that you should share ur secret here tooooo cos it's ....YUMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!

ways are different but certainly tasty!!

hahahaha...could be ur theme for ur next cook show or something. =)

Ale said...

Ehhh ehhhh...what's this lahh? My porridge...YUMMY?! What?! HAhahaHAHAHhHAHhAHhaHHA... Aiyo cannot believe it leh.
Ehhhhh wait! YOu ate my porridge before meh? MEhh?? No rite?
HAhahahhHAAhahHhHAHahHHAH...Eunice dreaming lah

Anonymous said...

hhmm me dreaming?
probably BUT with the amount of effort and tender loving care u put in to cook that porridge, I'm sure it taste LOVELY!!!!!

I've been poisonning u too much with my food and I appologise sincerely=)

loved ur meatballs and tuna sandwhiches and toasts u made for me...hehe =)