Sunday, December 19, 2004

Lakes...outings...yummy food...

note: profuse entry

On Friday wanted to bring us to the 'lake' nearby. Was goin round and round searching for the right bearings of the 'lake'. Alas, we found the 'lake'. Hahaha...the lake that was stated on the map was just a tiny lake which was part of the golf course. It was an 18-hole golf course...the grass were not really that green...mostly partially dried grass...the not-so-green ones. It was quite a dissapointment as I was expecting to see a really nice beautiful lake. Hhmm...the consequences of expectations. Next time I should just not expect anything then I wouldn't get dissapointed would I? Haha...but at least the water was clear and still a pleasant view. Certainly not like the so called lakes back home I guess.

Argghh the price to pay of not putting down in words what has been happening the past few days. Memory's not helping!!!! Still trying to recall what I did after the vist to the lake 2 days ago. Hmmm let's see...still thinking...thinking...thinking...arrghh I give up. I'm losing lots of hairrrrrrr!!! Don't be surprised if you see a bald me when I get back!! Nah wouldn't happen...even if I've gone bald...I'll certainly not tell you...and wear a WIG!!!

I think we went to walmart...hhmm but I remember blogging bout going there the day before rite? Hmmm...maybe we went back after that since most of the time was spent locating our bearings!! And it was supposed to be nearby?? Well lets just say the roads here are pretty confusing...well maybe not confusing just that if u miss a turning then u'll have to make a BIG round to get back to where you were first heading.

Looking back at the pics...I remember now. We DIDN'T head anywhere after the short visit to the 'lake'. Thank God for the wonders of digi cams! Should have checked it earlier. Pictures not uploaded yet...batts out AGAIN!!

Today was a longggg day. Did some devotion as a family in the morning before we left. I guess dad really misses preaching. Right after that we headed off the Arlington again. It's bout 30-45 mins drive from Waxahachie (where I am right now) cos dad needed to register for his GRE test. And GUESS what? We got lost AGAIN!! But it was a GOOD thing we got lost. Cos the wrong route led to the Arlington Lake. Now this was what I expected of a lake...not totally...but close =) Pictures coming up SOON.

Then off we went to the flea market. It was funny listening to 2 grown-ups disputing the RIGHT way. I just sat back and listened =) With some turns and detours as well as some stops to ask for directions...we FINALLY reached the flea market. By then we were all so hungry anything would do just fine. Fasted edible thing available...PIZZA!! The wind was quite strong that although the pizzas were hot...after a few bites it was already cold. Not so tasty (although we were really hungry)...which shows how NOT TASTY it was. The one piece was huge alright but something roasting smelt really nice and irresistable...ROASTED TURKEY LEG!! Haha...yea we shared a turkey leg. After that scrumptious meal we started walking around. The place was HUGE and it was an open-air space. So it was freaking chilly especially when the breeze gets stronger at times.. The glazing bright sun wasn't much of a help...just made us all 'eye-less' (well except for mum...since she has really BIG eyes) so just dad and I squinting our eyes away.

After a few hours of walking we came across this booth we noticed lots of ppl lined-up for -- FUNNEL CAKE! Saw loads of ppl eating those and it really looked good...esp the strawberry topping. Decided to try it before we leave the place. I know I've been eating like a pig here...but when I look around then I thought again...ahhh what the heck...why not?? (bad thing bout having loads of errrr how should I put this...preponderant ppl...sshhh I din say that...but yea haha...there is a tendency of eating not like I get to do this all the time *consoling self*) Anywayz...yea the funnel cake....YUMMMMYYYYYYY!!!! Especially the icy cool juicy sweet strawberries! Saw a guy who just ate the cake and threw a plate full of strawberries...PLATE FULL!!! What a waste!!

Sun was already setting at about 5.25pm when we flee away from the flea market. Leg muscles were exhausted, hands were numb and cold *brrr*, temperature roughly about 7°. Next destination --> The Parks (shopping area) where one of the major departmental stores were having a 'biggie' sales. Doorbuster sales and weekend sales are really AWESOME! Slashes you could never imagine!!...and the crowd? Let's just say it was beyond imagination. The majorities would be of course...the whites themselves...but there's also a large propotion of blacks and hispanic ppl. In fact, there are quite a number of hispanics around the neighbourhood. Parking were plenty yet a lil harder to find a lot...evidently there were loads of people!!! It's quite surprising to see clothes, shoes...even TEDDIES scattered all over the place...on the FLOOR!!! Gee...they either are doing their last minute christmas shopping OR perhaps most of the ppl working there have gone back for the holidays...not enough staffs...really pitty those who were still there working. Would have taken shots of the messy-ness if I still had batts. The lifespent of those rechargable batteries seems to be diminishing.

'TheParks' were fully decorated and it sure did feel christmasy alright. Night view of the place were brilliant...compared to the moderately brilliant view in the day time the other day. There was a group of men singing some christmas carols on stage. Sweet! Splendid harmony I must say. What caught my attention most were this group of mexicans with their traditional instruments...playing some contemporary and christmas songs. LOVELY!!!!! They all looked so cute in their mexican outfits. People here are totally accessorized. Overly done I might say...there's tattoos, piercings...EVERYWHERE!!! Tongue piercing seems to be the IN thing...probably for sometime now...but's just gross to me! Saw a couple..both had their tongues pierced...kissing each other...right infront of me. I DIDN'T WANNA SEE THAT for your information...they were RIGHT INFRONT!! Haha...doesn't it hurt? Speaking bout that...I went for a walk at the lake in Arlington...taking some pics here and there...saw this cute dowgie from afar...wanted to take a pic of it. Concentrating on the dowgie's movement, waiting for it to hold still for a moment so that I could take a pic of it. Little did I know its owners were just right there! Doing what couples in america do best in public!! NOticed it after I uploaded the pics and ooppsss...SORRY...didn't meant to catch u guys on camera :-p *embarressed*

Alright back to the mall...
Oh yea was on a look out particularly for me very-belated prezzie. It's funny to see mum testing the softness and cuddlyness of it while dad inspects the stitches and material...and of course cuteness of it. Haha...still haven't found the best one yet! *stays patient*
The whole time in the mall...I felt a couple of times some vibrating grounds of those when a huge monster or perhaps...godzilla? is stomping its feet one by one...shaking the grounds!! At first I thought it was just me...feeling all this nonsense and that it was just all in the mind...asked parents and they too said they felt it. Wonder why the whole place was shaky...*wonders* The most unpleasant moment would be that cos it made me giddy and dizzy...yea I'm a softie. I get sick easily!!

The long walks were just killing me...well not for mum. When it comes to shopping, she'll come alive more than ever before! Bring her to some park or lake or any sightseeing for that matter...she'll start to get all weak and sleepy...oh's just all in the MIND!!! Anywayz we did stop for a cup of coffee...yeap dad's favourite. The smell was just the temptation he couldn't resist!! He ordered an ice blended turtle mocha (don't ask me why turtle). Took some sips from it. SWEEEEEEET! Apart from the yummy ice blended TURTLE mocha (well it didn't taste anything like turtle fiy) the wip cream was filled with caramel and chocolate toppings. Y-U-M-M-Y!!! It was getting late...almost half past 8 and it was time we head back HOME but on our way to the car...mum spotted some nice lil boots she wanted to try and look around more. Legs were just simply overworked!!! Couldn't go on's too. Both of us sat down on those comfy couches while waiting. Dad's toe was hurting him so he took of his shoes and while he was doing that...the big guy sitting not far from us noticed that dad was taking out his shoes (wondering why would dad wanna try those lady boots I pressume). True enough he thought dad was gonna try on some LADY boots!! Haha...funny ended up chattin with him as though those 2 were buddies!!!

Mum's done with her shopping and so were we. Off to the car. *runs to the car...opened the door...shut it and cuddle up in the sweaters and jackets* YEAH finally on our way back =) Had a bowl full of vegetables for dinner to balance up me diet. Had abundance of meat and carbohydrates the past few days. Vege's good =)


Ale said...

Hehehe...You know I couldn't be commenting on every single thing you say wan rite? HAhaha. But your entries are definitely funnny...somehow. HahahhaAHHahahhaHAh.
Post more.. post more! Hehe. You make me feel that I'm there tooooooo. =)

Anonymous said...

david here!
sounds like ur having a lot of fun over there man!
send me the link to ur album..would like to see some pics! especially ones of that couple =) hehe only kidding..

eunice said...

Ale: hehe...who's ale ah?? ooohhh ALETHEIA!!! Hahahaha...dun need to comment on everything wan...just come ONLINE!! Hahaa...

David: heyyy...yeap enjoyin myself with everyting including the food. becoming a round ball end of the month's stay here i think. Oh no what horror. anyways sent u the pics...without the couple though...hehe:-P din upload it into my albums. hehe anywayz enjoy!

Ale said...

HEhehe... Eunice, EUnice. Eh, yah lah. I know you didn't ask me to comment or what lah. It was my own freewill to say something here.. but then, your posts ARE getting longer and longer mah.. so, it's kinda hard to actually say something cause I might end up writing you a page full of comments.. HEhe. Was just letting you know for fun. Hahaha. Aiyah...

eunice said...

hehe...funny lah u.
just so you know, I welcome whole page full here!!
2 whole pages also I don't mind haha...
hehe thanks for commenting on most with ur witt hehe=)
love it...can't get enough of it...
lalalalalalalalalalalalalala c|8)