Monday, December 27, 2004

Trip updates

22 dec 2004

destination --> Houston
It rained the whole journey (haven't seen rain since I stepped my foot here in the states...too bad it wasn't snow though)Funny, it started snowing in Victoria, bout a few hours drive from Houston on Christmas eve when we were back home in Waxahachie. fate with snow! Seems that it hasn't been snowing down south for the past 65 years so the ppl there were excited bout having a white Christmas this year.

Anywayz, back to Houston...we went to the space center and we spent the rest of the day having some educational fun. It's amazing to discover how astronauts eat, bathe, wee-wee or just simply their daily life up in space where everything is floating!!! An awesome experience I would say. There was a centrifuge ride (flight simulators all to-be-astronauts must take to help prevent them from nauseousness) which I didn't take cos was already feeling a lil sick even before thinking of taking that ride. Mum who doesn't get as nauseous as I do...came out feeling terrible. Wise decision of not going into that!!! Then I tried landing a plane. Followed all instructions but FAILED. Not fit to be a pilot was acting so smartly pin-pointing all the thing he thought I did wrongly so I gave him my seat and let him land the plane. He too failed!!! Haha...guess it kinda runs in the family -- not being able to land a plane safely!!! The silliest thing we ever did would be taking the tram ride. Knowing it was freezing outside yet we decided to take the ride!!!! Everyone was practically freezing on the tram. You could see everyone cuddling up to keep themselves warm. Guess they weren't bothered with what the person had to describe to us what is what and all...

Dinner time and everyone was craving for something hot and spicy or at least Asian. Enough with the red meat and full-of-carbs-potatoes and bread! Spotted this place called Hot Wok and decided to try it. Not bad I must say...their hot and sour soup taste kinda good. Finally something HOT AND SPICY!!! Headed off to a motel nearby. On the way, came across a kid's playhouse called PUTT PUTT. Seriously it's written on its signboard! The motel wasn't that bad. No stench or old damp carpet smell. Place looks clean and tidy. TV with over 50 channels. Heater and a king size bed. For the first time both my parents weren't snoring!! Guessed they had a good night sleep on a proper bed (they've been sleeping on an airbed). The king size bed is HUGE (jakunness) Big enough to fit 4 of me but maybe less since I've been eating and putting on quite a lot!!! Hahaha...Oh yea in the space center you could check ur weight and see according to the gravity of that planet and apparently I weighed about 140 over pounds (can't remember the exact figure) in planet mercury...there's a planet mercury rite? Haha can't remember the name of the planet already. And the have mirrors in front of you for you to see how'd big or skinny u'd look. And my oh my...I can't imagine myself looking DOUBLE my size!!! was funnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Oh, we had complementary breakfast. There were muffins the size of bloated tennis balls and juices that tasted kinda rotten. Water somehow tastes the best!!!!

23 Dec 2004

destination --> Galveston and San Antonio
Right after breakfast, left to Galveston...near the Gulf of Mexico. It was freeezing. Winds were blowing so strongly my hands were almost frozen so didn't really take that many pictures. Spotted some hibiscus in Moody Gardens. Apparently they were having the lights festival that night but we were headed somewhere else --> The Alamo, San Antonio. You can read bout the history

Unfortunately we didn't make it in time. By the time we reached there it was passed visiting hours. It's gonna be closed for the holidays that means it won't be open until Sunday. Guess we missed the opportunity of going in but at least we were at the entrance (haha). So off we went to River Center...where the famous river walk is. We didn’t walk the whole journey cos it was just too cold. But the experience of being there...awesome!!! Mum couldn't stand the coldness so she stayed in the mall to warm up while dad and I went outside cos dad WANTED so badly to get some pics of the Alamo. So with freezing butts and hands we walked to the Alamo from the river center. It was quite a distance!!! So took some pics of the building and stopped by the Ripley's Center just opposite the Alamo (mainly to warm up). Next to it was a Haunted House but it was just too pricey. I'm just so glad to have this time to be with my family...although it's not been complete. My dearest big brother has not been with US-the FAMILY for more than 2 years...3 this August. Sigh...sad that he couldn't spend Christmas with us again this year. Gaaahhh...missing him loadddssss!!!!

It was getting late...most shops were closing so off we went...HOME! Bout 5-6 hours drive back home. Stopped by for more gas and dad needed COFFEE so we entered the Junction Cafe next to the gas station. The lady was really chatty and nice. Made it such a hospitable place. She loves to laugh too. And her laughter IS contagious!!! Her laughter kinda reminds me of Janice from FRIENDS. And she wore this bell around her neck, which added some noise to the silentness of the place. So you could practically hear her COMING!! Her hot chocolate was YUMMY!!! Sang Christmas carols the whole journey back. I think I sang until I slept. Not sure when I stopped cos when I realize I stopped...I just woke up!!!

Well that was the end of the journey.

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Wow! WOw! and..

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Not trying to be negative in anyway, but it would be helpful to store/back-up your blog entries in as many ways/forms as possible;

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