Tuesday, February 01, 2005


aww man...this is gonna be my third time re-typing my entry. GGGRRRRRRRRR...my dumb itchy fingers had to fumble each time i'm done and about to click "publish post" button. For the third time??? ggrrrr this is gonna be my last time. If it happens again I'm just shutting my com and goin back to my books!!! So here it goes --> FOR THE 3RD time!!!! WAhahahaha...how dumb can one be?? *hopes me fingers don't do stupid things again*

So...anywayz I just got back from Klang and guess what? ALE DROVE ALL THE WAY BACK TO CHERAS from.....*drum roll* K-L-A-N-G!!!!!! Yups...all the way from KLANG!!!!! Cekap anot? YEAY for ALE!!! 3 CHEERS for my dearest cuzzie. *hip hip hooray* *hip hip hooray* *hip hip hooray*

Yea we went all the way to Klang just for BAK KUT TEH!!! mmMMMmmm yummy yum yum. We left kinda late and was stucked in the jam. THought we couldn't make it in time...BUT we DID!!! Yeay!!! We were really starving even before we left cheras. Ale and I were almost dying of hunger (no proper lunch and breakfast) so you could imagine how starved we were!!! WE even "keh p'ng" (add rice)!!! Believe anot??

It was kinda funny though. Our hokkien-speaking skills were kinda rusty so Ale had to call her dad to ask him how to order in hokkien. So Isaac did the honours of ordering and my oh my...was it hillarious. The way he was ordering and giving hand signals to indicate what he wants...funny and cute=) Gosh it was really fun...having dinner wtih my cuzzies hehe=)

Oh noooo....that's song's playing on Ale's com(well not exactly now since i'm retyping this AGAIN!!) but yea had to say this cos it's been in my head ever since I heard it in Isaac's car on the way back from PD!! It's that song from Ron Kenoly's(I think) album Lift Him Up. There's actually 2 songs back to back. "Mourning into dancing" and "Righteousness, Peace, Joy". The melody's just stucked in my head!!! ALL THE TIME even when I'm studying or bathing or eating or doing anything for that matter. It's stucked in me head!! I could actually sing the tune out now if u want me to. It goes like this *sings*! Heard anot?

Chatting with Yong May now. Hehe she's stranded in changi airport just like I did when I came back. Hehe...long wait for the next transit=) It was really great to have the chance of travelling with her to US. Sweet and unforgetable memories=) Both of us felt the loneliness of travelling back alone for more than 20 hours. Hehe...yeay Yong May's gonna back home in msia like really sooon. *woo hoooooo*

Alright I'm coming to the end of how much I could remember blogging earlier and hopefully my "clever" lil fingers dun fumble and do stupid things again!!! I'll type slower and carefully move my mouse and click the "publish post" button.

It's really getting late and I really should start getting back to my super duperly THICK microbio textbook and absorb everything like a sponge (if only it was that easy). Okay time to really type slowly and move my mouse carefully and click the button that says "publish post". Man I'm super cheong hey mannnnnnn....haha so here it goes...*clicks publish post*


Ale said...

Hahahahah... I saw you... typing your blog... I saw you... look at me in rage as your screen went blank... I saw this happen... twice...
I heard you... moan... groan... wail... whine... HahahahHAhHAhhaHAhhHAHhHAhhhHAHhahHAHhah... And all I did was... go "Ah? Really ah?"

HEhehehehahahaehhehheahaha... no lah.. really kesian you lah.. see you so tak syok like that.. but at least you succeeded in posting this one..

=) *psst* Yeay for me? Wuahahahaha. Me old lady driving like some old lady. Hahaha. NO sense. I know=)

eunice said...

haHaha...yealah what to do...silly ppl do silly things!! waHAhaha...silly...hhmm does silly reminds u of anything? perhaps someONE? hahahaha

yea all u did was "ah,really ah?" cos SOMEONE was just too busy with SQUALL or whatever HIS name is!! HAhah rite rite? Sorry lah I don't know his and his friends' names :-Þ