Monday, January 31, 2005

Great long weekend...Long great weekend...Weekend great and long...

So, my weekend was something out of the ordinary. Haven't gone to PD for a very long time and so I decided to follow ALE back to her home=) Could finally be away from home for the weekend cos the cleaning lady wasn't gonna come that week and I wasn't playing in church. So yea...ended myself in PD only to remember that that sunday was Pat's last week in malaysia for that matter. He's goin off to melbourne this thursday. Sigh our youth's really shrinking. Everyone's leaving...*sob sob*. I can't get over the fact that my brother isn't gonna come back (if all goes according to plan) that means I'd only be able to see him if I go over to canada. THe odds of that happening?? Almost impossible!!!! *Sigh

Anywayz, back to my weekend in PD. ALe's house changed a whole lot. Could hardly recognize it. Gee...was it THAT long since I've there? But it was great no doubt. Her house's just so homey and cozy=) For some reason when I'm at her place...I just feel sleepy! I wonder why. Studied a lil for my tests and yea...just a lil! Joined Ale's family for some pre-wedding dinner or something in Lukut, just before we went to seremban to meet up with some friends=)Namely Baldwin, Leonard, Kevin(i think) and Calvin. The journey back and forth the coastal (or are they called trunk..?) roads were kinda scary. It was really really dark and half the time it seems to be the end of the road!!! Especially when goin up a slope and just before reaching the peak...all the eyes could see was nothing but NOTHING!! It's even scarier from the front seat. But Isaac's a cekap driver=) If not we wouldn't be here would we? But he's been driving up and down those roads so I guess he was experienced with those roads. It scares me a lil though. Anywayz, had fun in seremban that nite. Hehe...seeing what Baldwin and Leonard had (for u ppl who don't know...they are BROTHERS!) makes me miss what I had with my ko. Mannn I miss him badly!!!!!! But yea...they both so cute lah! Most brother-siblings I know would most probably be acting as though not knowing each other or something likewise. Never seen 2 brothers who get along so well. Well maybe there are just that I haven't met. Hehe...not like this two loving brothers...everyone open ur mouth and drop ur jaw and say AAWWWWWWW!

Went to Ale's church on Sunday. Heard the cunted brother-sister band!! With a pandi songleader:-Þ Ooopppsss. Gid's a good spot... he won't mind=) rite rite??? Took a nap in the afternoon and was awaken by the smell of RAIN. Yes RAIN!!! HAven't seen/smelt rain ever since I came back from US. OooOOo and it's rainning now. YEs RAIN RAIN RAIN!!!!!! But it's just a slight drizzle I think. Can hardly hear the raindrops neither can I smell it!!

Haha..that was the weekend. Not that long lah after all. But great. Hehe...goin there again next week!! Ooo yongmay's coming back this tuesday!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! She's probably on the plane right now...or maybe in one of the airports waiting for the next transit. Wonder how's she doing. My trip back alone was boring and tiring!! Too bad we couldn't come back together. I would have missed a whole month of classes if I did =)

Feeling hungry...can you hear the sound of me tummy rumbling?


Ale said...

*opens mouth, jaws drop* aaaAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...
HAhaha. They all memang so cute lah. Especially when they 'high' de. And when they hold hands.. Wuaahahahahahha... cuteness! Haha =)

Sometimes my Mom surprises me by changing the look of the house constantly. Every week I go back it'll look different. Hahaha. She's one semangat Mom lah. HahahahHHAhahHAHhahhHAHhhHA... Come by more often lah. Then you get to sleep all the time ;)

Cunted bro-sis band? Hahaha.. you not paying attention lah. HAha. But pandi singing ahhhh.. *Sigh*

eunice said...

hehe...yealoh yealoh....cho cute rite they all!!! hehehe=)

yea your mum super semangat lah. hehe can become super mum de. summore bake so many cookies...and sew clothes all. u sure happy wan hoh hehe=) ur mummy's cookies yummy yum yum.

yes the bro-sis band super chun lah wey!!!!!! pandi...aih PANDI only hahaha:-Þ