Monday, January 03, 2005

It's a brand new year!!!

...yet on the second day of this new year, another member of God's family has gone to be with the Lord. Apart from the grieving of the tsunami victims, another dearest member of NLS has passed away. No doubt she was old, but her childlike faith had always played a big role in my faith in God too. Just hearing her testify of God's goodness could bring tears rolling down my cheek. Seeing her being excited to live to testify brings tears in my heart to see how happy she is in God. BUT now, she has been called back HoME to be with the Lord.

God certainly has been calling back His people. Sometimes I wonder what God's plans are. Why are all these things happening? A whole list of questions running through my head and this really gets me thinking.

We do wonder why all these things happened and sometimes we blame God for all the calamities, tragedies, accidents, or simply just things that don't go OUR way. It's easy to just blame it on someone else especially on things that are just hard to understand that we blame God. But haven't we stop to think that God isn't pleased with what's happening to this earth? His people? Natural disasters were not caused by just happens. Should we pray to feel the heart of God...there IS pain and sadness when it comes to such disasters! Could you imagine...CONSTANT pain and sadness in your heart? Yet, with His burdened heart, He was there for us. And if we maintain our relationship close to God and trust in His will and keep on praying and holding on to our faith in Him, He'll have mercy on us. He'll protect us from all calamities. He'll be there for us. Hasn't He always been there for you? Wondered if our God was truly REAL? Doesn't Him being there for you constantly when u call upon Him tells it all?

But, I guess sometimes its just the...when it is time to, it is time. Maybe I'm thinking too much bout the ppl that has gone one by one which freaks me out...and the millions of the victims that are gone too? But like my dearest brother said, "Let's not worry about what God does...but worry about what we do instead!"

Let's stop wondering why this and why that...and start being sensitive to what God's heart is feeling about what's been happening here on earth. HE needs someone to constantly pray and listen to Him so that He can do His work. The power of PRAYER should never be undermined. Let us all humble ourselves and pray and SEEK God.

Despite what's happening...the new year has come. The past has gone, the new has come. I just pray that this would be a better year. Well, it should be getting better and better each year shouldn't it? Bad habits to get rid off...more good habits to inhibit...more committment to the things I'm supposed to be committed to...keeping my priorities right.

Right so anywayz...a BLESSED NEW YEAR to everyone and I pray that this will be a year of faith and maturity in Him.

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Anonymous said...

Too many people have neglected to acknowledge the CREATOR's power. Are you one of them?

My almighty KING is more than awesome. HE has never left me, nor forsaken me. That's a reason why Life is Tremendous!
HE made it Tremendous for you and for me.

I guess it all comes down to Where Your Heart Is

If your mind's set on the earth, and the earthly things you do

In poverty you'll live your whole life through

For Where Your Heart is . . .