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I haven't been updating lately bout what I've been doing here. Just that there's too many things in my head at this moment of crisis and a new beginning to a whole new year...
Nevertheless, I'm doing it right now. So here's the continuation of what's been happening =)

28 Dec 2004
destination--> tulsa

Woke up early that morning for another long journey ride to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dad decided we visited the Oral Roberts University (ORU). If you're interested about knowing more bout that awesome guy and his works in the ministry...check it out

Arrived at ORU sometime in the afternoon. Mann...the place was just awesome! The whole campus was just huge...and amazing. The place consists of "The city of faith" - a hospital, an auditorium with a dome-shape structure, a magnificent structure of praying hands, and a whole lot more. You can take a look at it here

At the prayer tower, we had an opportunity of viewing a video of Oral Roberts' life and how his ministry was developed. I was just so blessed by it...even my parents shed tears watching what he has gone through to be where he is now. Gosh it was just soooooo amazing I might take a long time writting up about it and bore some of you readers here. I might just write it up somewhere and post it up soon when I find the time to =)

The weather added the illusion of 'heavenliness' while we were there. It was just amazing. Breath taking. I manage to catch a shot of the amazing creations of God. I was just in awe. AWESOME!! I'm just glad that apart from having the time to spend with my family and the opportunity to be in the states...I could FEEL God's presence there as well. Being reminded and re-checking my walk with Him. I think God was trying to speak to me. Mainly about the power of prayer and how much He needs His people to PRAY.

[side-track] - I've been dreaming dreams I never dreamt before. Kind of like those where God's revealing something to me. And it seems so clear to me now why I've been dreaming those dreams. Those dreams weren't sweet dream mind I add. At first I was just binding and rebuking it cos it was just so horrible. Then when I shared it with my mum, she diverted my narrow minded thoughts and opened my eyes to see from another point of view, which totally makes sense now. I saw children...even newborns being tortured right before my eyes, sufferrings, and a whole lot gory stuffs. Each time I go to bed I wish I would not have to dream any of those but I guess God just had to make it clear to me not to take it lightly and that I should start interceding. I guess I just wasn't sensitive enough to God. Forgive me Lord. [end]

Hmm...just had to let out some things so pardon me.

Alright back to where I was...
destination --> Oklahoma City

Reached when the sun had set. Looked for a place to bunk in for the night and had mexican food for dinner. I wouldn't say it's yummylicious but it's definitely a good change=) I forgotten the name of whatever it's called that I had for dinner but it had lots of veggies, beans and weird sauces, some meat (thankfully not chicken) served in a tortilla (i think that's what it's called). Can't really remember what else we did here...hhmm maybe cos we did nothing else. Weather wasn't that chilly anymore. In fact it's getting hotter than usual. Prefer the colder weather though anyways...

[edited on 6th Jan 2005] after looking at the pics I've uploaded I now remembered what else we did in Oklahoma City. Here's where we visited

destination --> Indian City USA, Anadarko
Here's basically what they have there. That lady in the picture under the "Gift Shop" category...looked exactly the same when I was there (haha). On the way to Anadarko, I was just enjoying the lovely sceneries of greeneries, horses, domesticated bovine animals, buffalos and rolls of hay here and there. What I noticed bout the cattles mainly they were eating...and if they weren't eating...they'd be all sitting down, in a group. It's kinda funny sight...well let's just say..sitting in a car for hours makes u notice these kinda things. While leaving the place...we spotted a buffalo...not those normal buffaloes, but some rare species or something lah. Anyway so dad wanted me to take a picture of it but I was just too afraid to go near it to get a close up shot. So dad did the job himself. That's one heck of a SHY buffalo. The moment my dad went closer to it, well it was resting (seated) on the ground but as soon as my dad was approaching towards quickly stood up and walked behind some old truck to HIDE!!! Not only was it was SMART!!! Dad waited and made lots of funny noises to attract it (obviously it didn't work) but he spotted the buffalo's head...popping out to see if dad was there and as soon as it saw pulled its head back in and just stood there hiding from me dad. Dad just HAD to get a shot of he decided to just drive off and come back later. We came back and it was STILL hiding. Guess it outsmart us. Gave up waiting on it so we didn't manage to get a pic of it. Not even a part of it. That dumb truck...if only it wasn't there!!! So off we went to our next destination...

destination --> Festival of Lights, Chickasha
It was just amazing. I guess I can just be easily excited...even by lights! Colourful LIGHTS!! There were definitely millions of lights used for this festival. Everything were made and shaped using lights. Event features:
-A Christmas Tree...not just any christmas tree...but it's known to be one of America's largest christmas tree (of lights). It's 16 stories tall...SIXTEEEEENN!!!!! Imagine that =)
-A spectacular Crystal Bridge (75 000 lights)
-Lakeside display, trees and walkways with 2 million lights!!!
Hhmm pictures paints a thousand words...I'll just show you the pics =)

Well that's the end of the trip. I know I haven't send the pics. Will do it soon kayz? =)

Alrighty...I've been infront of this com for hours now...need to rest my eyes and join in some laughter with uncle Tony. He's just sooo funny! *winks*

Will update more on Christmas Day later.

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