Thursday, January 27, 2005


It's been a LONGGGGG day. Had classes from 8 til 5! Crazy day. Sat in class so long my butt was actually aching. Serious!!! Brains also fried de...especially in Biochem (last class of the day), was practically brain dead. Lecturer was yakking his way the whole time, and I wasn't really listening. Guess I drifted off to la-la land. Sigh...I wish every wednesday is a holiday!!

Anywayz, during my 1 hour break, I had lunch with my classmates in our cafeteria. Food was fair only lah. It was funny though, listening to my friends talk about their boyfriends and complaining bout their bellies and convincing each other that their bf's belly was bigger than the other. They were speaking in cantonese most of the time (chinese ed mah) but I could understand. Hehe...not totally 100% lah...but better than nothing rite? Speaking of chinese ed ppl, UCSI's got lots of chinese ed staffs as well. You should read the notices they put up or even formal letters that they send out!!! (something I found out when I was working at the records office...muahahaha). Sigh, I kinda miss my previous supervisor lah. She's so funny and cute and nice =) Haven't started working this sem yet. Was placed in the school of management. My supervisor hasn't got back to me yet. Sigh, hopefully I'm able to complete my hours before the sem ends lah. She seems kinda friendly and nice though. Will just wait for her or might just see her if she doesn't call me back by end of this month. Don't wanna drag this thing til my finals!!!

Anywayz, went for this charity concert for the children of tsunami in UM organized by the UMSO (which stands for UM Symphony Orchestra?? i think) with Ale and Eugene. When the first performance started I was almost gonna faint. Some guy was singing this really slow 'jiwang' malay-pop song he just composed for the tsunami victims. Thank goodness the rest of the night wasn't of that. But it wasn't really that good either. It was mainly the wind instruments playing all sorts of songs. From ABBA's dancing queen to DORAEMON's song to their so-called "big band" and even songs from PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!! Not only do they not express themselves when playing, neither do they play their instruments fully. Imagine half blown wind-instruments sounds played by stiff/stoned musicians. And some off keys and out of tune melodies here and there it actually sounded hillarious to me to a certain extend. My ears were practically crying out for help. But all in all, the day wasn't that bad lah. I'm still here blogging aren't I? *laughs to self* (just like what I always do ALL the time) uh-huh uh-huh this is the psychomaniac me =)

Just realize, I'm sitting again. Butt's really hurting!! Haha...need to stand more and put more pressure on my legs instead!!! *stands up* (to get water so that Ale who's right beside me now doesn't think I'm crazy...but she already thinks I'm crazy...I think but nvm lah...I'm thirsty!) Hhmm I love the sound of water running. Especially the sounds of water being poured into a cup in cinemas or even on tee-vee. Niceeeeeeeeee!! *imagining the sound I just described horribly*

Hmm, realize that my right arm is more tan than my left arm. Thanks to the rays of the hot scorching sun that you get while driving. I could:
a. tan the other arm to make it even
b. apply sunscreen only on my right arm
c. wear those long sleeves thingy (like those aunties)
d. do nothing about it

I know, I'm thinking too much of un-related stuffs at the moment. It's getting late so I go, from this bloggie only :-Þ


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