Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Hmm..how do u actually spell out that sound of one who's crying? There was once when I was laughing "wahahahaha" my friend actually thought I was crying. Hmm yea perhaps it's true since I usually laugh til I cry.

Hhmm...time flies, people changing, growing (sideways..hehe), aging, maturing, MARRYING!! Sigh...are we already THAT old that friends of ours are slowly getting married? One by one...Gosh...it really is kinda scary isn't it? Not the fact that they're getting married BUT that we're getting older and all. Haha...sometimes I wish time would fly faster. I want to be in the future and see what I'll become but at the same time I just wanna be in the past filled with loads of lovely unforgetable memories. Yea I do forget to be IN THE MOMENT at times...well actually most of the time. But not really also...I think I'm living in the moment too much sometimes...which isn't really good also. Makes you lag and not think ahead and aih i'm crapping...bleehhhhhhhh bla bla bla...ale-baa-baa!!! *plooooooooops*

Was kinda excited thinking I was almost able to go genting de. Haha...had been wanting to go up there ever since...ever since my last trip which I couldn't sit on the spinning swing thingy. (bo kam luan) hehe. Well it was a last minute thingy but I really hoped it works!! U know lah super semangat anything also can can. But yea lah...the bus didn't wanna leave at the time we wanted it to leave haha. Their next earliest bus was already too late so too bad lohhh hahaha. *sobs* In the end, we 'landed' ourselves in IKEA. Was starving by then and were craving for MEATBALLS...so yea we were there...eating meatballs. Sad though it wasn't as nice as it used to be...but definitely still nicer than others that I've tasted else where. Wanted to do some shopping for our feets but we were both in socks and shoes and that would be hard to try on whatever attracts...our feet!!

Bought some full scap paper and headed to the pet store in ikano. The fishes are weird I tell you. Kinda ugly and disgusting to me actually. They look like mutated species that were given cool names to be sold at higher prices only or something. *yucks* geli-uh!! But the dowgies were cho cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!! eeee pinchy winchy!!!

It's been a long day. Just remembered I have some tutorials that are not done yet. Hopefully I'm awake to finish it up tonight hehe. I feel like eating asam laksa now...but cheras' food ah...aihh. Ok ok I should stop complaining. And be thankful there's food around, that I have good health, good friends, good cuzzies...lots of good things to be thankful for also hehe.

Gotta run... *runs*

*trips and fall*


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