Friday, January 28, 2005

What? not again!!!!!!!

Was really hyped up goin all the way back to subang to have a bowl of asam laksa for dinner last night. By the time we were leaving cheras I was worried it'd be finished by then. Haha...have been craving for it for days!! But anwyayz, we got there in time for me to savor that bowl of yummilicious asam laksa (although I must say it isn't the best BUT the best available). Stayed in subang for the night cos I needed to go to the bank the next morning and wash my clothes as well. Had some ice-cream with ale right after dinner while watching television. *slurps* It took me awhile to get my lazy bum out of the chair and start washing my clothes. Ale was already sleepy by then and so was I but no choice lerr :-Þ So yea walked straight to the machine and started it then I thought...hhmm maybe I should take a bath I can wash the clothes I'm wearing at that time as well. So yea decided to take a bath while Ale fall asleep on the couch (hehe). So there I was in the bathroom...taking a bath when suddenly *poof* everything was pitched-black. Everything sounded extremely quiet. No sounds of the air-con generator or the fan blowing or even the tee-vee. And there I was, with my hair all covered with shampoo, couldn't open my water cos if the heater isn't on...there's just NO WATER (dumb water heater)!!! Not even cold water. SIGHHHHHHH. Had no choice but to rush to my mum's bathroom. Knocked loads of stuffs in my room (chair, table, pail) before I finally got out of my room. Quickly turn on the shower and washed the shampoo that's been killing my eyes off my hair. What a day? area's still living up to it's name of getting blackouts for at least 5 times a year. SIGH SIGH SIGH!!!!!!! TIME TO MOVE!!! HAhaha yea rite.

Thank God the blackout didn't last the whole night! So I managed to wash up my clothes and hang them by 3am. Yes I know it sounds crazy but I like hanging clothes late at night. No hot sun to burn me. The clothes can get enough of the sun the next morning hehe=)

So anywayz, I went to the this morning. To change my atm card. The service was really bad lah. The ppl in cheras was much better. So anywayz, I waited for bout 30 mins EXTRA just for one dumb signature. But all is well and yes I can finally withdraw my money now. Have been living like a churchmouse the past few days. Hehe...but Ale saved me!!! Hehehe...thank you ALE!!!! *huggiez* And because of that delay we were all LATE for class. *sigh* I didn't go since it was a 1 hour class and I was already 45 minutes late.

What a day!!! Oh well, weekend's definitely gonna be better=) Following my cuzzies back to PD this week. Hhmm, I haven't been to Ale's ever since my parents were away. It was hightime I pay them a visit.

Well, yea so that's about it. *poofs* *poofs* *failed...* *poofs harder* *gone*


Ale said...

Hhmm.. I recall this phrase, "Had no choice but to rush to my mum's TOWEL" HAhahahaha.. HAhah.. Someone mistyped that phrase... Wuahahahahhaha...hoh?

Eh eh.. thank me for saving you? I saved you? Since when? I where got save youuuuuu??? Huh? HUH? HEhehhaahhahhahehhehehhahahha... Ey yeah lah.. We both so sad lah. Broke for the past few days.. mau hidup pun susah.. LOL

eunice said...

ssshhhhhhh....wat towel? huh? dunno what u talking!!
*acts blur and innocent*

ey yealah...the whole week like so "charm" only. wanna go shopping also cannot haha...summore no petrol!! wahahAHAhahahah....sad lah we all!!

Ale said...

Ownself know how to say act blur and pretend lahh?
HAhahhahahahha... I remember... I REMEMBERED!
rush up to mom's towel... hHahahahha

eunice said...

what towel towel all?? dunno what u talking ler. Really wan. What towel towel?? U dreaming issit? Or u telling me story? Hehhe...tell me summore stories lah:-Þ