Friday, February 25, 2005

The Discovery...

Just got home after a long day in college. I'm physically exhausted *takes in deep breath...exhales*
But I'm glad I went to work today. Helped a lecturer (who happens to be my business stats lect) key in test results into excel...and yups I saw all those marks (including mine) before anyone could, hah!! Nothing to be screaming about though...but it's been a LONG time since we did that quiz and I'm anxious to know how I did. It was quite some time ago that we did the quiz. Prolly bout a month ago? Besides, in class last week she complaint how horrible our results were she could barely eat. Talk about exxageration...but seriously it was for REAL. The class average would prolly be extremely low. Well, I'm just relieved I'm not one of those who did really badly, but neither was I one of those who did well, but it's OKAY lah. Only 2 out of 60 over students did farely well!! Yups...only TWO!!!

Friday lectures seems to be shorter than the given time but lab's definitely a drag. Tommorow's supposed to be the LAST tutorial that means the LAST SATURDAY morning class BUT lect just informed us that it's just gonna be the beginning of our endless SATURDAY MORNING classes. Is a five-day per week class NOT ENOUGH????? Sigh...This whole sem I've never woke up any later than 9am. Well maybe a few mins later when I put my alarm to snooze =Þ but yea that's the LATEST!! Haha...definitely a record for a piggy like me.

Anywayz...all these isn't a discovery. I just got side-tracked (like I always do) from the main entry of the day. It's been months since Mr.Rojak opens his van up to sell his yummilicious rojak on wednesdays at the pasar malam in Connaught (pronounced as KO-NOT) *laughs to self*. Apparently, he's been gone missing for weeks and weeks, no one knows the reasons of his dissappearance (and all his rojak fans *nods* in agreement with me). But today...I got a phone call from an agent of the Mr.Rojak investigator (who's apparently very CLOSE to me) and guess what? Mr.A (the agent) has located the whereabouts of Mr.Rojak!! It's not miles fact it's just within the perimeters of 5 meters or less! In celebration to that discovery, I was just steps away of getting a hold of that yummilicious rojak!!!! However, this isn't a happy ending. Apparently, Mr.A saw Mr.Rojak leaving just when Mr.A was about to get down the car and invest in the products of Mr.Rojak. Sadly, Mr.A called me telling me in his sad sad voice of the departure of Mr.Rojak and his white white van away with that delicious, simply irresistable secret recipe of what most chinese call "loh-jiak"!!

It's a mission to track him down, same time, same day...NEXT WEEK!!!


Anonymous said...

saturday lectures???..thats too harsh!! that's unacceptable!! weekends are soo sooo soo precious..well im glad i've got weekends off!! :D

Mr. A (the agent) said...

Well yeah.. I miss Mr. Rojak man and his rojak lah. NIce! Hehe. And you know ah, he 'packs up' his rojak van real fast.. as in super duper fast.. less than a minute! Guess.. Mission failed.

Mission Two: "track him down, same time, same day...NEXT WEEK!!!"

eunice said...

yea saturday classes are such a DRAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! arrrghhhh MID-TERM this sat. AARRGGGGHHHH *mumbles to self*

eunice said...

ooOOo an extended explanation from Mr.A himself =Þ

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