Friday, March 04, 2005

Yes yes...I know I've been missing for a week now. Had been pretty busy with a whole lot of things, that includes assignments, lab reports, midterms, and work!!! Sigh...haven't been sleeping enough the past few days but with God's help...I'm still well and alive =Þ

-->Stay tune for an update on Mission1: to locate Mr.Rojak "same time same day next week"<--

Loads have been happening throughout the week. Weekends were GREAT!! It was our 2nd Friendly Evangelistic Service (FES) and Rev. Arthur Yoong was the guest speaker. Yeap his whole family (which includes his 2 handsome sons =Þ) came along together with the Hymns men. Hymns men are a bunch of men (duh) colaborated from different churches of ages ranging from FIFTY and above! Hah, okay I admit I exaggerated...but they're OLD =Þ I couldn't stop laughing, no offense though...but they were...hmmm *lost for words* CUTE lah. Listening to a whole bunch of them singing hymns that were 'modified' was kinda...interesting!!

Ooo...Sandra's BACK!! For good. YEAYYY!!! But she'll be goin to China for 3 months to study Mandarin. Ohhh and YongMay's coming back in JUNEEEEE!!!!! Yeay..that's earlier than I thought. Ooo and my parents will be back in MAY!!!! YEAAAYYYYY (Yes, Eunice-stil Always YEAYs) Can't wait can't wait can't wait!

I know I know... I still SIDE-track ALOT!!!

Anywayz, oh yea...met up with an old friend for dinner last fri. It was nice...meeting with friends who you've never seen in a while =) Speaking of that...I'm looking forward to this sat. Uh-huh uh-huh...might be able to meet up with my dear friend whom we've been classmates since standard 6! Haven't seen her for months now. Loads to catch up. It'd be nice to meet her after I finish my exam TOMORROW!! Yeay!!

Work's pretty much a drag these days. There's one lady lecturer whom I find a lil creepy though. For some reason she wants ONLY me to do her work and no one else! Even if I help some other lecturers, she'd give me that scary smile!! *freaks out* Everytime she sees me she'd give me that creepy smile and ask when's my next free time. The other day...she wasn't in when I was there working *phew* when suddenly she APPEARS and give me that creepy smile (yet again) and she'll say this ALL THE TIME!! "Eunice *creepy smile* ey how long will u be working today? Ah later you finish you come see me k? You help me with some stuffs k? I need your help...*thinks to her self* errrr if I can finish marking (which she never seems to finish that) then I want you to help me key in the marks. When's your free time again? (tells her the time) Ah then you come and see me kay. Come and SEE ME FIRST!! (but I'll need to help that other lecturer...) AH? *shows weird stare* then when's ur next free come and see me first la k??" The first few times I was ok with it lah...but she says this like EVERYTIME (no exaggeration here) she sees me. Now you tell me...isn't she a lil freaky?? She puts some thick make-up on as well...which makes her look scarier. *hair stands*

I hadn't had time to bother to wonder why she's like that though. A whole load of other stuffs cramped up in that teensy weeny lil dried forgetful brain of mine =Þ

Am pretty relaxed now though although I've a paper tmr morning. But I'm pretty much ready for it! NOt keeping my hopes up high though...hate the feeling of dissapointment. *bluek*

Took a break in the middle of the weak right after my first mid-term paper and flew all the way to...KLANG (haha) for bak kut teh. Remember I said there was an update on Mission1? This is where it begins.

--> Day: Wednesday
Time: 7:25pm
Bearings: 216°W
Location: Tmn Connaught (simply pronounced as "konot"!!) Night Market
Lot: 002 of the corner of the junction (nearest to the bridge)

Apart from the time, Everything was precisely RIGHT!! On our way to Klang, passing that whereabouts, Mr.A spotted the white white van which posseses the one and only scrumtious recipes of what we call 'loh-jiak"!! Sources have reported that Mr.Rojak went missing for more than a month cos he was worn out from the addiction of his customers. Since he had already possesed a large sum of profits from his loyal customers. <--

So with that...I ended up fulfilling my cravings for that yummylicious "loh-jiak"...FINALLY. Yes F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!!! YEAY!!!!

So yea...I am full and content with that perfect blend of "he-ko" (prawn paste) and chilli and nuts and fruits and all that ingredients!!! BUT am kinda craving for it now though...It's just something in it that makes you want more of it. ONce you've tasted'll never stop craving for it!!!! mmMmm mmMMMmm mmMMMmmm


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