Friday, February 18, 2005

Ever wondered…

Why are things simply just the way they are?

Why the only constant thing in life is CHANGE?

How is it possible to feel wrong about something that seems so right?

Why is it that when things seems to go extremely well, somehow it'll just backfire?

Why is life never fair and just?

Hmm….is it possible to help someone in a dilemma or struggle who doesn’t even know what’s the core of it?? Technically it’s not possible to solve an unknown rite?

[Random thoughts running through my head]

Some things are hard to let go but if you don’t…prepare for the consequences.

Struggles, pain, sufferings, heartache and all that do come into our lives at a certain period of time but remember…that’s NOTHING compared to what Jesus went through when He died on the cross. Imagine…He was totally human at that time and He could definitely feel the pain, agony, humiliation just like you and me. *sigh*

Need to start counting my blessings instead of thinking of all the negativities of my life. Life’s too short to let yourself be hindered by it.

Change ~ A word that kinda freaks me out the most at this moment of my life.

Am really grateful that God placed great and awesome people (whom I can call friend) in my life.

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