Saturday, February 19, 2005

I guess it's just in our blood that when one member of the family is facing some crisis or some sort, we are able to sense it. Despite the distance I'm having with my WHOLE immediate family, I guess I can say we're really close at heart? I guess everyone around me would have been victims of my crankiness the past few days. Thousand and one apologies yah *winks*. Yea so as I was saying, I’ve been pretty worked up bout something and somehow when I met my parents and my brother they could sense it...without having me to bring it out also. Amazing rite? I'm so thankful for the family that God has sent me. I’m really missing them a whole lot. Just found out that my parents will be back on the 10th of May. Will be counting down the days. 11 weeks and 2 days…

Met by brother online last night. Yeahhh…he has a webcam now!! Woohoo…I should get one myself too=) Was really happy to finally SEE him ALIVE…not technically LIVE but that was really something. After ALL the years he hasn’t been back…gee I really miss him. He showed me his shining bald head he just shaved…brought me into his office and the view outside his window. Yups…SNOWWWWWWW!!! He knew how badly I wanted it! Isn’t he the sweetest??? He’s much much thinner now though. Super fit should be a better word. And his face?? SMOOTH like baby’s bottoms *giggles*. But yea I really thank God for a brother such as him. I would say we’ve grown closer over the years. I still remember the days we would blame each other to get ourselves away from mum’s “evil stare” and quarrel at every single thing. But as we grew up…I guess it’s normal that we’d grow much closer and I really love what we have now *smirks* Although he doesn’t say it…I know he cares dearly for me (haha). Such things are just SENSEable. No explanation needed. Just FEEL it. Sigh I miss him soooooooo much!!! Big huggie wuggiez to my beloved dearest ko!

Honestly, just a simple chat with him did make my day. I really am thankful that I have an elder brother who takes good care and gives very wise advices in which crafted me into what I am today. Haha…I’m giving him too much credit. My parents too played a big role in my life. All in all, I’m just happy with the family that God has given me!!!

Slept extremely late last night trying to finish up my assignment cos it’s due this Monday! Exams on tues and MID terms coming up in about 2 weeks. Sigh busy busy busy!!! Managed to wake up for my tutorial this morning at 9 though. Came back to finish up my assignment and I’m practically done with it. Need to proof read it when I get back later. Gotta start packing my stuffs now and go grocery shopping for dinner tonight. Gonna be cooking for 8 people?? Haha…hopefully they have strong antibodies and not purge after consuming what I’ve cooked.

<>Was about to go off when Kenneth (my pastor’s son) came online. What he had told me just blew me off, I almost fall of my chair. Just couldn’t stop laughing thinking bout what he thought. Well he’s one who’d ask you a series of questions just to, u know, get to know u better or simply minimize his uncertainties bout something…or anything for that matter. We were just talking bout worship songs and Hillsongs and so he asked if I’m a great big fan of Hillsongs. Well not Hillsongs…just Marty Sampson (wahahAHAha). If you’re from NLS you’d know the biggest fan of the Hillsongs is none other than Mr.Lenny the perfectionist. And so yea that’s when it all began. So Lenny came into the picture and so he just dropped me this question “u n lenny bf n gf ah?” hahAHAHAHAahahhaAHAHahaha….goodness me, I couldn’t stop laughing the moment he uttered those words. Lenny?? LENNY??? hahAHAHahahaAHaha. Apparently ever since he saw us he thought we were together. haHAhaha…yes Yong May, I can hear u laughing!!! wahaAHahhaa…definitely the joke of the day. hahAHAHahahahahAHAhahahaAHahaha…

*burst out in laugther un-endingly*

yikes...gotta go *poofs*


Ale said...

LENNY??? LENNY???!!!

Ale said...

BwahAHhahHAhhHAhAhhHAHhhhh AhhHAHhahHAhahhHAhahhAHhahh
*takes out tissue paper*