Thursday, February 03, 2005

wet wet wet

Of all the 24 hours in a day, it HAS to rain in the evening, when we're just about to go to the pasar malam!!!! Yes it's been ages since I walked the longest pasar malam (which is just opposite my place here in taman connaught) and on the day I choose to go...IT RAINS!! Hah...but nothing can stop the semangatness of us (ale and I) when we want to do something or go somewhere. We've been longing for the ever-so-yummylicious rojak and so despite the rain...we decided to get ourselves WET. We were just in such a hurry to go before it "pours down like rain(hehe ps song in me head)" rain heavier to not even stop for a moment and think of goin later when the rain stops. But you see...this Mr.Rojak man's rojak's always sold out fast!!! So die die also must faster go and get it. So there we were running like fools under the rain with a tiny umbrella. I felt like just walking in the rain...hehe haven't been playing with the rain in ages but decided not to. Don't wanna fall sick this time of the year=)

So yea with our enthusiasm we hurriedly got ourselves there but to our dismay...Mr.Rojak man was not at sight. His usual spot was empty. So no rojak for us today. But since they started with the new system or whatever thing at the pasar malam where the sellers have to buy their lot or something...we thought, hmm maybe he was just somewhere else. So we walked from one end to the other. Even walked passed the deadly zone of the "chow tau fu" just to look for Mr.Rojak man. Obviously all our high and low deep and wide searching for him was in vain. Imagine all soaked wet for nothing? Haha...but it was fun lah. Doing silly things like this. We should do things liket his more often. standing in the rain and drinking bubble tea facing each other and laughing for no apparent reason and walking like a drunked person avoiding ppl's umbrella from poking you at the same time avoiding big splashes of water from their tents and all as well as dancing in the rain with old ladies. Gaah it's hard to put it all in words. Actions speak louder than words indeed!!!

When we finally bought what we needed and was about to go stopped raining. How convinient rite?
I attended my afternoon class although I contemplated a whole lot as to whether to go or not. Attending his classes doesn't give u any benefit other than the fact that we need a minimum of 80% of our attendance to take our final exams. How can I skip anymore classes now that I've been missing my first 2 weeks of them? Haha...but he actually doesn't care about our attendace. He actually advices us to just go back if we're tired. Remember the lecturer I mentioned a few posts ago who just doesn't look like a lecturer? Well yea I'm talking bout him again. He's my biochem lect. The one who talks to himself most of the time with uncomplete sentences ALL the time. And for the first time today, he somehow looks much neater, cleaner, and smarter. Yeah new shirt for the new year I guess haha. Managed to get a front seat this time so we could here him more clearly. Not that it actually makes much difference...cos he still doesn't complete his sentences while giving explanation. But for some reason, he's just good at telling stories. Not that it's interesting..just that at least he tells his stories in complete sentences.

He was talking about termites (something related to what we were studying today). So he was telling his story about termites. We've been told that mosquitoes can fly up higher than a 10 story building and so anyone who lives above the 10th floor would definitely be free from aedes (so he claims). Then he started saying BUT really loudly and explaning that termites can go as high as they want to. So he gave us an example of his friend who lives in a 16th floor condo and his experience with the termites. Hmm I've been typing the word termites alot. Termites termites termites. Anyway, I don't even know where I was heading with the story. So bla bla bla...and then he said..."So let's say you wanna check if ur house has been infested by termites...first you knock your wooden door. If it sounds like this: tok tok tok, then it's still solid. If it sounds like this: tuk tuk tuk (with a softer tone), then it's hollow.

Okaylah...I know I've been crapping a whole lot. This is what happens when...when something happens lah :-Þ

Okay lah I better stop now. I know I seem really free rite? Hehe just finished my tests for the week and next whole week's a holiday. holi-holi-holiday!!!! Yea so just in the mood of "wasting time" nyek nyek nyek:-Þ


Ale said...

Hahahahaha.. Mr. Rojak man ah? funny ah the name... you say so many times summore..

HAhahahHAhahhHAhahhahHAHhahahahHAhahhahHAhahhaHHHahahahHAHhahahhAhahhahHahahahhHAhahhahHahahhahHa...Eunice dancing... with ...the ....old LADY!!!! HahahahHAhahha
Aiyo. I beh tahan ah.. I see you and her I .. I..

eunice said...

me not dancing with old lady lah....

not me...not me!!!!!