Thursday, February 03, 2005

*moans and groans*

Woke up this morning feeling a lil ooze. Tummy was aching but thought it was just nothing. Ignored it and got ready for work. Off all the times to have this...arghh was stucked in the toilet for quite some time though. And by the time I was actually ready...I was LATE! On the first day of work?? Tsktsk...bad impression. NOt that I wanted it to happen this way rite? Aarrghhh....was sweating like a mad pig and panting like dog when I reached the school of management. Surprisingly my supervisor didn't realize I was LATE!! Haha *phew*. She handed me some stuffs to do and explainned in details as to what I should do. It was rather simple though=) glad I'm no longer in the records office.

Was supposed to go shopping with ale today. Tummy was aching even more by then so we didn't go after all. Sorry yah Ale. Was practically walking like an old lady and whinning all the way. Could hardly drive strength to press the accelerator also:-Þ Came home, filled my empty tummy with some milo oats and applied some medication. Haha...the wonders of tiger balm (thanks ALE*huggiez*). Made the whole house smell like my grandma=) Rested a while and finally slept a while. Woke up feeling much better, ate some jambu mr.koko poko bought (thanks mr.koko) and stuck here right infront of the com yet again. Holding urself back from laughing is TORTURING. Had to not laugh too much cos it'll hurt. Hehe...need to learn how to giggle *tee-hee-hee* All I can do is smile like and idiot.

Hungry now. Gonna look for something to eat.'s dinner time. Should really go eat something haha *rumbles mumbles tumbles*


Ale said...

Ammah! Lu ho boh? =D

eunice said...

ammah? where's she? eee I miss her!! me wanna huggie wuggie her!!!!!