Saturday, March 19, 2005


uh-huh uh-huh...the thing i dreaded most HAPPENED!! Well it's not really a big deal but it's happening again. Aawww man...for the third time? Yups it's my ears...AGAIN!! Well at least this time it's not as horrible as the previous times *phew*.

Suddenly I feel everyone around me treating me exceptionally NICE today!! WAhaha, not only friends or people I know...but even the people I know but DON'T really know...u, like the security guard ("laughing extremly outside" hahAHahah). Even the one (big BIG indian guy) who usually just like troubling people cos he just DOESN'T seem to understand what ppl have to say ALL THE TIME..okok I'm being redundant but yeah...he was giving me his big BIG smile and waving at me too!! Now that's weird! And the other guy (big BIG malay guy) too was like smiling and waving and all. Is that their new trend of greeting the residents ah? It's funny though wahahAHAHahhaa.

Well if only somethings would happen a nicer way too as well...hhmm yea it'd be nice..uh-huh NICE! *floats high up in the air*

*falls back to reality*

Hmmm...dreams will... BE DREAMS!! unless I do something of course =Þ

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