Friday, March 25, 2005

Yes Ale, I hear you =Þ

Well, it's been a long and tiring week. Work is such a bore these days. I think I'd rather work for the "creepy" lect!! Usually at the end of the semester, students are required to fill up evaluation forms to hmm... evaluate the lect and the course itself. Students are required to rate lect's performances on a scale of 5 and there are 20 different areas to evaluate the lect and 10 for the course. So let's say if I'm lucky...the class is small and there's just 10 students. So that means 10 forms. And to sum it all as in how many students rated 1 for 1st statement...2 for 1st statement and so on. Horrible? Now imagine a class of over 100 students!!! And apparently, there isn't just one class, nor there is just one lecturer. So...can you imagine now what I've been goin through?? Haha...yea HEADACHEness!!!!!

Apart from that, I had my Biochem mid term on wednesday and assignment was due on wed as well. So it was a horrible week. Gosh, and it's already friday now. Hmm time REALLY flies!!!! I know I've said that like countless of times in my blog but yea cos it's just flying so fast!!!! Which is a good thing in one way....PARENTS COMING BACK SOOOOOON!!!!!! *jumps up and down*

But the week wasn't THAT bad lah. Right after my exam I went out for a movie with both my cuzzies! Yea, we watched HITCH!!! For some reason my cuzzies see some ressemblance in Will Smith and my brother. meh?? Anywayz it was GREAT! Well after a stressful can it not be great rite? Made me laugh!! Hhmm then again, I always laugh everyday anywayz but hahAHha...yea it was a great movie in the sense it made me laugh. Then again I can laugh at anything or everything for that matter. Ohh which reminds me of something I came across earlier. Check it out--> here

Kim's here...well not here HERE but she'll be here HERE soon...on monday!!! woohooo!!! Haven't seen her in ages. Can't wait to finally see her!!!!!wahaHAHAHAhahaah =)


*poofs back in* ear's ok de!! YEAY!!


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