Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Am having a break now. Am pretty bored. Am in the com lab in coll with extremely snail-like connections which is really testing my patience. Then again I've got plenty of time to kill before my next class. So anywayz, I was just recalling my day at work yesterday. Remember that creepy lect? She's becoming weirder, well at least to me.

While I was finishing up some work for some other lect, she walked towards me and whispered Hey Eunice, next week I give you something to do ok? Err yea ok!! I think she's nice to me but when I think further, she kinda freaks me out a lil!!! Especially with that kind of look she's scary!! Yesterday she called me from her desk, so I went towards her but was standing behind her. Then she said come closer, come here (indicating to come right infront of her). Alrighty...So I went closer. She was rather secretive as if planning to spill me some big secret or hand me something exclusively confidential or something. Then she slowly took out a piece of paper and handed it to me. It was a flyer regarding the Calvary Church Easter program thingy. Hehe, she was inviting me to it and explaining to me as if to a on-believer. She asked me to go together with my parents and blablabla. I just nodded my head and smiled. Din wanna explain a whole story of who my parents are and where they are yada yada yada. So yea it was kinda funny though, her trying to convince me to go.

That didn't just end there. I was working for 4 hours so yea I was there long enough for her to "bother" me. Maybe she's just to caring and kind and a lil crazy (to me) cos I think too far ahead of her "kind" intentions. Haha but no harm in being extra careful rite? She'll offer me loads of stuffs to eat like sweets, tit-bits, ASAM or anything u name it...even GINSENG sweets!! All to "keep-me-awake-since-i'm-doing-so-much" kinda thing. Haha. Actually come to think of it she's kinda nice lah. Maybe her appearance gave me a wrong impression of who she really is. BUT no doubt she's still weird...and scary-looking!!

Hhmmm is it that hard to tell a EUNICE from a EUGENE? Countless of times I've been called Eugene by many teachers /lecturers. In fact in every school I've been someone is bound to call me Eugene. Haha...What's so hard to remember Eunice instead of the name Eugene?? That same lect hhmm let's just call her Ms.C was about to introduce me to one of her youths of Calvary Church and she went Hey EUGENE! GOing back already?Come let me introduce you to this girl. She's *somename (sorry i forgot!!)* she's from yada yada yada. Haha...I could see that look on the girl's face when she called me eugene. Like...errr girl??GUY??wahhaHAhahaa...There's nothing similar, heck it doesn't even sound the same and yet ppl can mix both names?? It's a wonder...hahAHAAaaa.

Well alright enough of craps. I was just typing to buy time. Time's up. Should be heading for class now.

*technical problem detected*

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