Tuesday, March 15, 2005

For some reason...today feels like Monday. Hmm probably cos it just doesn't feel like a Monday yesterday. Okay that was dumb...Right, so dumbness aside, here I am on a Tuesday evening finding myself in front of the PC. What's been happening? Hhmm let's see. It's been a dull weekend for me. Although I didn't had classes on Saturday I still had tons of work to do. Uh-huh...TONS!!! So weekends were practically loaded by loads of stuffs to do. SIGHHH.

Just can't wait for my parents to come back. I seriously give every credit to them...as parents who've been driving me around like wherever I need to be and what more having to bare with my impatient and agitated self when they arrive later and yea...I've been taking them for granted!!! Having to drive myself and take care of myself these few months...gosh I'm tired! And talk bout them having to take care of not just one, but TWO kids? Kudos to them man!!!!!! At this point of time, I just can’t see myself as a parent yet. Haha=Þ I guess it's really true that you won't know how much someone or something means to you or rather appreciate them until it's gone and that's when you only realize. Although I admit I enjoy the pleasure of freedom at this point of time, I'm just not...hhmm well let's just say with freedom comes great responsibilities!!

Anywayz, despite my disappointment of not being able to see ALE or even my ko in action on his keys or even my cuzzie with his “super-cekap” drum solo, I had an entertaining day myself. Remember the “time to rekindle old times” thingy I was talking about in my previous post? Well yeah…I met up with my good ol’ buddy whom we’ve been sitting next to each other throughout our entire high school years. It’s just great to meet up with friends…especially the ones you’re extremely close with and haven’t seen for a very very VERY long time. We had a GREAT time no doubt bout it. The last time I saw her was…on my birthday (I think) so yea it’s a LONNNGGGG time for someone whom you use to see EVERYDAY!!!! Well here’s our itinerary for the day:

Went to pyramid --> since anywhere else would mean to get ourselves stuck in traffic, and I must say its kinda shrinking. You could actually walk from one end to the other in ONE minute!! [hah, yes a lil of my exaggeration effects again but yeah it’s relatively small compared to the other malls around now]

Aimlessness --> being overly excited jumping at both ends of a conversation we finally realize we’ve been walking aimlessly for bout an hour (that was until I got hungry and had an aim to where we should GO!) Decided to go somewhere for dinner although it was only 5:45pm. Well it’s kinda normal for me especially when mum’s around BUT not for my dear friend. She was sweet though to ‘dine with me’ at such an unearthly time!! (wahahaha)

Dinner --> Decided to dine at Cable Car. For some reason the waitress was just simply a pain in the neck. We wanted the set menu so we asked for it and her reply set dinner only at 6pm and the time was just THREE minutes to six. What’s her problem?? Why, does the set dinner thingy only apply to people who come in at or after 6?? If that’s the case we’re ever willing to get our butts off the chair and leave and walk back right in but we didn’t have to do so. She brought us the menu when we asked the second time…not very willingly though. You could see that LOOK in her face. What’s with people and THAT look? You know…that particular “uh-whatever!!” look. I don’t really like those people who simply give you THAT look or even those who have their sulky looks on their face. Well this implies mostly to those who are supposedly “treating” you (the customers) well. The starters and main dishes were delicious however, the dessert was Y-U-C-K! It was supposed to be some jello kinda thing but it tasted like cough drops!! And their tea was a lil different in colour, tasted kinda bad and their milk…goodness it was BROWN in colour and obviously had a stench. My friend was in awe that despite the amount of food on the table we could finish it all (well except for those un-edible dessert and un-drinkable tea) even before the sky was dark.

SHOPPING --> What is a girly outing without shopping right? What more during the sale!! We were both on a mission to look for things to dress out feet in. She was looking for Reebok while I, any “heels or flats”!! The dilemma of finding the perfect shoe with the perfect price but withOUT the SIZE was there. True enough our mission for a pair of Reebok was shattered into pieces when the lady/guy said sorry takde size. But it was my lucky day!! I had heels and flats of my likings in my size!! Was contemplating on which to buy…heels or flats…heels or flats. Guess which I got? If you guessed heels, sorry wrong answer. If u guessed flats and already thinking you got that right, sorry wrong answer again. If u guessed I got both, yups you got that right!! Obviously I didn’t buy BOTH…mum’ll kill me if I did but yea I bought the heels and my friend bought me the flats. Aaww how sweet of her!!! Thanks loads *muaaxxxxx*. Then off we went scouting for accessories and stuffs. Wasn’t really wanting to buy anything (already excited about the shoes wahaha) but yea we went in to this shop selling those chains and bracelets and necklaces and all and so I bought her the chain or rather bracelet which she liked. Guess my shopping quota has reached its limit for the time being.

DESSERT --> Our day was coming to an end but we didn’t wanna go back. Besides the both of us were craving for ice-creams (who wouldn’t after the horrible experience of cough-drop-like dessert and yucky tea). Needless to say, it was YUMMY!!!!

Apart from all that we did that day, I’ve gotta say I haven’t been laughing this hard for a very long time! I remember how crazy we gals were back in school. Sigh I really missed those days!!! But time is passing and we are growing up each second so life continues…All is left now are sweet memories *smiles*

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