Friday, March 25, 2005

It's raining it's pouring...ale is snoring!! HahahAHAHhaah =Þ

Hhmm...for some reason it seems to always rain on good friday. And it doesn't just drizzle or rain lightly (if there's such a term) always rain HEAVILY!!!! *wonders why*

Like's raining heavily and I'm stuck here in coll cos I don't have an umbrella and my car is far away and I don't wanna get wet. Here in sedaya you won't just get wet...but MUDDY!!! And the roads are holey so if you're unlucky, *BIG SPALSH* no no...correction to that...*BIG MUDDY SPLASH*

Hmm it doesn't look like it's gonna stop. The rain was vertically slanted cos the wind was blowing from the right. Now it's jus falling vertically from the sky. Guess there's no wind right now. Haha...yes I know, I'm bored and I'm right infront of the window so I'm describing to you how the rain looks like from where I'm sitting cos I have no where else to go or do at this moment. The sky looks clear though....Surprisingly there are birds flying in the sky now...although it's raining. Haha...

Maybe I'll go do some reading now. Uh-huh...i said that right...R-E-A-D-I-N-G!!! wahahAHAhha


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