Thursday, May 05, 2005

I was happily typing on the other computer in the com lab when suddenly it decides to cranks up. So here I am typing this out again infront of another pc. Haven't been in the library ever since my finals last sem. And for the ver first time, the library's actually quiet! Well prolly cos not many ppl also...computers everywhere available. Doesn't feel normal. It still not set in me that I'm in my 2nd year now. Hhmmm...class with lect Mr. Choo ended very much earlier. This would be good when I start working. Hoping to finish all 65 hours withing 6 and a half weeks ie 10 hours per week. Had been striving to do that ever since...but never succeed...Hhm...never say neverrr...which reminds me of that song (if I'm not mistaken) was sung by that cute lil mouse, Fievel of An American Tale which goes like this..."la la la la (can't remember the lyrics) never say never again!!" hahaha ok that didn't make sense cos no one could actually hear it but anywayz...not that there's any importance to it.

Am waiting for my next class, Waste Management (wonder what's it all gonna be about) which is at 5pm. And it ends at 7...SEVEN??? yups SEVEN!!! Arrrghhh guess i'd be missing the final episode of the chinese drama series i've been following. What a waste!! Guess Ale has to tell me the story after all...hehe *psstt Jie u tell me later k?* WEll, unless Ms.i-forgot-her-name doesn't start lectures and lets us of EARLY!! Yea me wan go home EARLY TODAY!!!

Hhmm I'm guessing that the previous person using this com had gooeey fingers. *reminds self to wash hands after this*

Class was really interesting today. Guess I'm gonna be loving more of what I'm studying. We started off with the basic pyramid food which we were taught even back in school to take alot, alot of rice, bread, pasta (those carbohydrates lah) then on top of that, fruits and veges, less of meat and dairy foods and of course the least of oil and those fatty stuffs most would already know but apparently, after over more than 20 years, they finally discovered the flaw in it and re-invented a new pyramid. Haha...with the most important "food-intake" --> EXERCIZE AND WEIGHT CONTROL haha...and u'd find rice, white bread and RED MEAT to be at the top of the pyramid. ALL HAIL FISH!! Yummy yum yum...THere's more but I'll spare you the details...ooohh wait before that...anyone heard of the Zone Diet? Aparently my lecturer himself tried it and is pretty happy with the results. Unlike Atkin's (protein diet)...the Zone Diet is a balance between carbohydrate and protein intake with the ratio of 1:1. Which make sense...since a large intake of carbohydrate would promote the production of insulin to reduce the increased level of your blood sugar level (from the consumption of carbohydrates) while too much protein promotes the production of glucagon (as a reverse mechanism)...there'd be a balance (despite the amount of fats involved)...So take out your weighing scales and weigh the amount of meat and rice you eat. Make sure it's the SAME! Results are proven that ppl could actually lose weight by doing so...ALright alright...I'd stop here =Þ OH wait...did you know that studies have shown that the most nutritional meat (other than FISH of course)...happens to be PORK! SHocked? I am too...But for the red meat lovers...Do not despair. Just remember to drink a glass of red wine...a glass of red wine a day keeps the heart surgeon away!! Hahaha =Þ

Price of petrol increased?? there not anything that doesn't increases in value??

Speaking of increasing prices...that reminds me of yesterday, when I was out with ALe....Oh darn...look at the TIME...gotta run for me next class!! yea RUNNNNNNN....


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