Thursday, June 30, 2005

Let it snow...

Some lovely shots taken by dad from the plane, on his way back from the states last month... hehe=)

Isn't it amazing???
I for one who've never had the chance to see (seeing from inside the airport doesn't count for me=Þ) touch or feel snow, I find my jaw on the floor right now ;)

Am still looking forward to a chance to make my very first snowman hehe=)


mingming boo boo said...

nice shots la..really love nice my sunset photo anot? hehe..nice photos can be taken anywhere.. oh btw..if u wanna make a snowman..go to de guy selling cendol and take de crushed ice and make la..haha..but hoh..most prob when u get to de head of de big belly melt liao..haha

eunice said...

hahAHAHahAhahaAHAHAhaahah gosh yea sadly there's never gonna be a chance to ever make a snowman...never in msia haha...melted belly...pure mr snowman=Þ

hehehe...nice lehhhhh =)yups likey the sunset pics.

eunice said...

oopsss poor mr snowman...not pure haha=Þ