Sunday, June 26, 2005

This very day marks the very begining of a life...
A life of someone close at heart
Who is loving, caring and understanding,
passionate, determined,
and full of character.

A life who has impacted others
in many ways ,
who's definitely a blessing
sent from above.

Of joyous and bitter moments,
of years of fun and craziness
of times of trials and blessings,
homour, fun, and madness,
of all that we've been through,
I thank you for the set of footprints you've made in my life!

So, my dearest friend,
with this short note,
a simple message encripted
just for you!


-yong may- said...

awww... thanks eunice. did u compose it yourself? it really touched my heart. thanks! -yongmay-

eunice said...

hehe you're welcome=) glad u like it =) hehe yea...i did it myself...for you and you only hahaha =Þ